Melanie Joyner

Melanie Joyner

Director of Student Services

Student Services


I am the Director of Student Services for Plymouth University, with executive responsibilities for leading the student services (including Careers & Employability, Complaints & Appeals, Learning Support & Wellbeing and the student-facing elements of Residence Life) and enhancing the student experience responding flexibly to the student journey. My role includes working with the Faculties, Teaching and Learning Support and other central services to ensure a joined-up approach that aligns the academic and student experience "offer" of the University, liaising with the Student Union to ensure that the student voice informs and influences policy development, and driving the University's employability agenda.  My current areas of strategic focus also include personal tutoring, promoting diversity and inclusion, digital literacy, community engagement, and the implementation of the Prevent agenda.

My previous roles within the University include Joint Social Sciences Scheme Coordinator, and Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning), initially for the Faculty of Social Science and Business and subsequently for the Faculty of Health and Human Sciences.  I am a strong proponent of working in partnership with colleagues delivering higher education within further education and transnational education working with overseas providers.

With a background in political science, I consider myself to be a social science academic, with specialisations in public policy and administration and in quantitative research methods.  My current teaching includes contributing to the undergraduate Sociology, Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies and Nursing programmes.  My scholarly interests include new media studies, information and digital literacy, and transformative pedagogy.  



BA (Hons.) Political Science and History (Intern), Wilfrid Laurier Univeristy, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 1986.

MA Political Science, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1990.

Roles on external bodies

·       National Advisory Panel, Student Relaunch Service
·       Advisory Panel, Greenwich School of Management

Teaching interests

  • Research methods and quantitative analysis
  • New media and society
  • Interpersonal violence
  • Public policy and administration
  • Equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights
  • Comparative social and public policy
  • Information and digital literacy
  • Study skills and critical reasoning

Staff serving as external examiners

Social Policy, Anglia Ruskin University

Research interests

  • Identity, social stratification and student attainment
  • student support and inclusion
  • information and digital literacy
  • workforce development and CPD

Research groups

  • Cultural Industries
  • Social and Public Policy

Publications, Reports and Conference Papers

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Miscellaneous Internal Activities

Cotton, D., Joyner, M. and George, R. (2011) Gender and Ethnicity Degree Attainment Gap Report.  Plymouth University Internal Report.

Joyner, M. and Rowe, D. (2010) “The Mayflower’s Return Journey: Developing the North American Student Market”, V.C’s Teaching and Learning Conference.  University of Plymouth.

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