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Mr Mustafa Al-Alwani


Mustafa is a 2 nd  year MPhil/PhD student in Architecture, Design &Environmental Building. Mustafa completed a Bachelors degree in Architecture Engineering in Baghdad University in 2003 and Master Degree in Architecture Engineering in Nahrain University in 2007, Title his thesis in Master (Characteristic of Contemporary Arabic house in Natural Architecture Environment). Currently Mustafa in his PhD is working on assessment sustainability Hilla city in Iraq.   Mustafa had worked in two sectors, government sector and private sector therefore he has various experiences in his subject.

·         Government sector

 Mustafa worked as lecture in Babylon University in Department of Architecture Engineering in 2008 and also he worked in Ministry of Education of Iraq as a designer and supervisor on many schools design.

·         private sector

Mustafa worked as a designer in his own bureau in Iraq and he had designed and implemented many of the houses maps and apartments. Mustafa worked in many companies in different subjects that gave him good experience in practice like AL Rashed Company to upgrading the Master plane of AL Hilla city in Iraq also with Orascom Company Construction Industries.   

Research groups

  • Environmental Building