Dr Nick Axford

Dr Nick Axford

PenCLAHRC Associate Professor (Reader) in Health Services

Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry


I work on a variety of projects with a focus on child health and implementation science. My specialism is evidence-based prevention and early intervention to improve child well-being, with a particular focus on developing or adapting interventions and evaluating their effectiveness and implementation. Prior to joining Plymouth University in April 2017 I was a Senior Researcher at Dartington Social Research Unit, an independent charity that brings science and evidence to bear on policy and practice in children's services to improve the health and development of children and young people.


2003 - PhD Advanced Social Work and Probation Studies, University of Exeter
1996 - MSc European Social Policy Analysis, University of Bath
1994 - BA(Hons) Geography with European Study, University of Exeter

Roles on external bodies

Expert Advisor to the Board of the European Society for Prevention Research (2014-present)
Member of the Early Intervention Foundation Evidence Panel (2014-present)
Associate, Dartington Social Research Unit (2017-present)

Research interests

My research interests are evidence-based prevention and early intervention to improve child well-being, notably designing services and evaluating their effectiveness and implementation. I have undertaken studies involving a variety of methods, including evidence reviews, randomised controlled trials and focus groups, and covering a range of subject areas, such as antisocial behaviour, bullying, child maltreatment, early childhood development and social-emotional learning. I am particularly interested in forms of intervention that have the potential to achieve impact at scale, and in methods for developing and testing these - including co-production with users and the use of rapid cycle innovation. I also enjoy engaging in debates about the value of evidence-based approaches in children's services.

Key publications are highlighted

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