Ms Nieves Garcia Valiente

Ms Nieves Garcia Valiente

Research Assistant Coastal Dynamics

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Ph.D. researcher 

Research project: Sediment exchange between the beach and the inner shelf 

Sediment exchange between the beach and the inner shelf is currently not well understood. Most studies in the literature suggest that wave driven cross-shelf sediment transport is the only agent to supply sediment to the inner shelf.  Beach monitoring studies have revealed that significant sediment exchange exists between the intertidal beach and the inner shelf during extreme events,  demonstrating that nearshore / offshore sediments cycle on beaches does not constitute a closed system within embayed coasts. All these studies show evidence of sediment transport seaward of the surf zone, but do not focus on the key driving processes, quantification, or whether they are associated with storm events. Combining observations of wave-currents interactions and sediment budgets together with numerical simulations of sediment transport for the macrotidal high energetic beach of Perranporth, we aim to understand the dynamics governing the sediment exchange beyond the beach system.   


BSc Oceanography - University of Vigo, 2010

MSc Integrated Coastal Zone Management - University of Cantabria, 2011
Thesis: Modelling of Cliff Erosion On The North Coast Of Río Negro (Argentina). 

Study of the processes and factors (particularly extreme events) that can impact on the morphodynamics of the coast of Rio Negro, proposing and implementing a methodology that attempted to model the erosion. The research was carried out at the Environmental Hydraulics Institute (IH Cantabria).

Supervisors: Prof. Fernando Mendez

Research interests

Coastal morphodynamics, wave hydrodynamics, sediment processes driving sediment transport in macrotidal coastlines, wave hydrodynamics, Integrated Coastal Management

Other research

My experience and research is extensive and varied. Both my undergraduate and MSc studies allowed me to focus on areas such as physical oceanography, wave climate, sediment dynamics or coastal monitoring. From 2012 to 2015 I was a research assistant in the Environmental Water Systems Management group in the University of Cantabria. During this period my research included: proposal of an Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan for the province of Rio Negro (Argentina), carrying capacity analysis of water systems as well as brownfields.

Conferences & Posters

Valiente, N., Masselink, G., Scott, T., Conley, D.,  Amoudry,  K., 2016. Exploration of Inner shelf dynamics on the North Coast of SW England. YCSEC, Swansea, UK