Dr Paul Lambe

Dr Paul Lambe

Selection and Admissions Psychometrician

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry)


 Selection and Admissions Psychometrician


PhD, BA, PGDip Social Research Methods.

Research interests

My core responsibility is monitoring and evaluating   the  reliability and validity of this medical school's admission and  selection process. To accomplish the task involves use of a variety of  data analysis methods. 
My research interests include the impact of selection processes on widening participation, the design of a reliable contextualised admissions model, and demographic and educational factors associated with junior doctors' specialty choices.  

Key publications are highlighted

Lambe P, Gale T, Price T & Roberts M 2019 'Sociodemographic and educational characteristics of doctors applying for psychiatry training in the UK: secondary analysis of data from the UK Medical Education Database project' BJPsych Bulletin , DOI PEARL
Gale TCE, Lambe PJ & Roberts MJ 2017 'Factors associated with junior doctors’decisions to apply for general practicetraining programmes in the UK: secondaryanalysis of data from the UKMED project' BMC Medicine , DOI PEARL
Lambe P, Kay E & Bristow D 2016 'Exploring uses of the UK Clinical Aptitude Test-situational judgement test in a dental student selection process' European Journal of Dental Education , DOI PEARL
Kay EJ, Mills I, Tredwin C, Lambe P & Nassani MZ 2013 'Comparison of utility weighted DMFT with patient-reported oral well-being' Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 41, (2) 155-161 , DOI
Lambe P, Waters C & Bristow D 2013 'Do differentials in the support and advice available at UK schools and colleges influence candidate performance in the medical school admissions interview? A survey of direct school leaver applicants to a UK medical school' Medical Teacher 35, (9) 731-739 , DOI
Lambe P, Waters C & Bristow D 2012 'The UK Clinical Aptitude Test: Is it a fair test for selecting medical students?' Medical Teacher 34, e557-e565-e557-e565 Publisher Site , DOI
Lambe P & Bristow D 2011 'Predicting medical student performance from attributes at entry: a latent class analysis' MEDICAL EDUCATION 45, (3) 308-316 Author Site , DOI
Lambe P & Bristow D 2010 'What are the most important non-academic attributes of good doctors? A Delphi survey of clinicians' MEDICAL TEACHER 32, (8) E347-E354 Author Site , DOI
Macleod F & Lambe P 2008 'Dynamics of adult participation in part‐time education and training: results from the British Household Panel Survey' Research Papers in Education 23, (2) 231-241 , DOI
Lambe P, Rallings C & Thrasher M 2005 'Elections and public opinion: Plus Ca change' Parliamentary Affairs 58, 335-350 Author Site
Conference Papers
Ali K, Heffernan E, Lambe P & Coombes L 2012 'Use of Peer Assessment in Tooth Extraction Competency' 38th Annual Meeting Association for Dental Education in Europe, Lyon France
Lambe P 2003 'An introduction to quantitative research methods in history'

Other academic activities

Medical Schools Council Selection Alliance. London. Oral presentation of the UKMED P41 Project: First Stage Report, Development of a multidimensional measure of widening participation. 

Ottawa Conference 2018, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Oral presentation of a co-authored research paper, 'Will contextualised admissions to UK medical schools  widen participation among students from lower socioeconomic class backgrounds? Evidence from the UK Medical Education Database.
European Board of Medical Assessors (EBMA) Conference, Egmond Am Zee, Netherlands, November 2017. Workshop 'Selection into healthcare training: transformations in practice and future research opportunities.Developing Excellence in Medical 

Education Conference, Manchester, UK, November 2017. MSC Selection Alliance Symposium, Presentation,'Monitoring and evaluating widening access to the study of medicine using the UKMED data base'.

Association for Dental Education  in Europe (ADEE) Conference 2016, Barcelona. Poster presentation, 'Exploring uses of the UK Clinical Aptitude Test-situational judgement test in a dental student selection process'.

Ottawa Conference 2016 Perth, Australia. Co-authored research paper presented- 'Can a situational judgement test replace a standardised interview as part of the process to select undergraduate medical students'?

Student Selection in Health Professions (SSHP) Conference 2015, Melbourne, Australia. Co-authored research paper presented- 'Candidate opinions about the UK Clinical Aptitude Test'.

Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) Annual Conference 2014, Milan, Italy. Co-authored research paper presented - ' The UK Clinical Aptitude Test: Factors predictive of success'.