Dr Peter Hinds

Dr Peter Hinds

Associate Professor in English

School of Humanities and Performing Arts (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


Senior Lecturer in English


B.A. Hull, M.A. Birmingham, Ph.D. Birmingham


‘The Horrid Popish Plot’: RogerL’Estrange and the Circulation of Political Discourse inLate-Seventeenth-Century London (London: TheBritish Academy and Oxford University Press, 2010) 

Material Readings of Early ModernCulture, 1580-1700, ed. James Daybell and Peter Hinds(Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010)

Book Chapters and Articles

‘Roger L’Estrange, the Rye House Plot, andthe Regulation of Political Discourse in Late-Seventeenth-Century London’, The Library, VII, 3 (March 2002): 3-35

‘ ‘A Vast Ill Nature’: Roger L’Estrange,Reputation, and the Credibility of Political Discourse in the Late SeventeenthCentury’, The Seventeenth Century, XXI, 2 (Autumn 2006): 335-363

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'The Book Trade at the Turn of theEighteenth Century', in The Oxford Handbook of the Eighteenth-CenturyNovel (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016)

'William King, Sir William Petty and Post-War Ireland (1690-92): Sir Robert Southwell and the Printing of Political Discourse', The Library (forthcoming, 2019)