Dr Phil Smith

Dr Phil Smith

Associate Professor (Reader)

School of Humanities and Performing Arts (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


BA Drama Bristol 1977

PhD Plymouth 2013

Teaching interests

Site-based theatre, ambulatory performance, performance and environments, community theatre, improvisation, directing, playwriting, live art, symbolist theatre, rough theatre.

Research interests

Ambulatory performance, walking as performance, performance and the city, situationist practice, rough theatre, street performance, processions, heritage sites, counter-tourism, pseudo-sacred spaces, interiority, zombies, site-specific performance and dance and site-based theatre.

Creative practice & artistic projects

Dracula (TNT Theatre) Co-writer. The Tempest (TNT Theatre) Dramaturg. Le Petit Prince (TNT Theatre) Director. Two European tours. Calton Hill Constellations Edinburgh, Artlink (with Siriol Joyner) - performance for visually impaired audience. Jane Mason's 'Life Forces' (Dancer) 2015 Le Petit Prince (Director) TNT Theatre Co. 2015

Alice's Derives in Devonshire (novel) Triarchy Press, 2014. 

There is an account of the autobiographical aspects of my performance work related to walking in Deirdre Heddon's 'Autobiography and Performance' (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008) pages 105-111.  

Surviving Again and Again and Again. Walk for 'Art of the Edgelands' symposium. For Spacex Gallery, Exeter. 2014. 

Refrains For Uncertainly Sacred Spaces – a walk for Airspace gallery, Stoke-on-Trent. 2014.

Venturing Out During the War on Interiority - a talk/performance for Airspace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent. 2014.  

Life Forces: performer/deviser for this dance project with choreographer Jane Mason. 2014-15. 

Cramond: description performance for a visually impaired audience, with choreographer Siriol Joyner. 2013.

Walls, Doors and Layers: keynote performance for b-side's Resonant Terrains symposium, the chapel of HMP The Verne, Portland.  2013.

Here, Now  Blind Ditch (deviser, performer)  2013.

Shapes - an ambulatory performance. b-side Festival, Weymouth. 2012.

Signs & Wonders (with Katie Etheridge and Simon Persighetti) for Green Close Studios & LICA. 2012.

Aldwych Walk - for the Site, Performance and Environmental Change AHRC Network. 2011.

A Yarn Around The West End for Drive In Deco/Hidden City, Plymouth. 2011.

A Tour of Sardine Street (with Simon Persighetti) - culmination of the Relics and Processions project. 2010.

Geo-Quest project (with Tony Lidington & Hugh Nankivell). 2010.

Water Walk (with Simon Persighetti). 2010.

Morte Point Mis-Guide (for the National Trust). 2009.

Light Walk - a short film made with Polly Macpherson, shown at Spacex Gallery. 2009.

Gardens Always Mean Something Else (at A la Ronde, National Trust)  with Francesca Falchi-Pereira and Rakeen Silawi. 2009.

Beer, Beef and Royal Steps  mis-guide-performance/"twalk" for Royal William Victualling Yard, Stonehouse. 2009.

dramaturg for 'Catherine', Hidden City Festival, Plymouth. 2008.

The Fabulous Walks (Teignbridge, Devon, UK) with Anoushka Athique, Katie Etheridge, Simon Persighetti, Fumiaki Tanaka, Nicola Singh, Rachel Sweeney and Chartwell Dutiro. 2006.

Wrights & Sites curating "Misguided' for the Belluard Bollwerk International, Fribourg, Switzerland. 2006.

In Search of Pontiflunk (play) performed by New Perspectives Theatre Company. 2006. 

Manchester, Mythogeography and Mobile Machinoeki - performance at TRIP conference, Manchester. 2006.

A Man About The House - performance with Simon Persighetti, at A la Ronde, National Trust commission. 2008.

Mobile Machinoeki project (including 3 performance walks & Rescued From The History Hut performance, with Anoushka Athique & Katie Etheridge). 2005.

misguided STADTverFÜHRUNGEN in Wien, Vienna Festival, curating 16 artists (Wrights & Sites). 2007.

Foray – performance/walk at A La Ronde for The National Trust. 2007.

Mis-Guided Walk + Mapping Workshop, Northlands Park, Basildon (with Wrights & Sites). 2007.

Taunton A-Dead Mis-guided Walk for Taunton Brewhouse Anti-Static Festival. 2006.

Exeter Everyday Festival, Wrights & Sites. 2006.

Crab Steps Aside (written and performed, with directorial assitance from Sue Palmer)

For Space - performance for Making Space/Taking Space Conference (Devon Arts Forum/CCEP). 2006.

It’s Crab Walking! – talk and walk presentations for Teignbridge DC Walk This Way groups. 2006.

Masses – a mis-guided walk, ICA London. 2006.

The Present Generation, led 2-day workshop section for Organic Theatre (for Wrights & Sites), Palazzo delle Arti Napoli (PAN). 2006.

Drift (film, directed by Clive Austin). 2006. 

Coastal Edge - performance for Tide & Time (Phoenix Arts Centre). 2006.

4 Screens (2), (installation), psi, St Mary’s College, London Wrights & Sites. 

A Beaminster Mis-Guided Walk for Beaminster Festival. 2006.

Simultaneous Drift (lecture/performance for Situations), Arnolfini, Wrights & Sites. 2006.

Desire Lines walk – Art and Ecology symposium, Dartington. 2006.

4 Screens (1), Walk 21 Conference, Melbourne (installation). 2006.

Mis-guided Soho - Walk for Living Streets (Wrights & Sites). 2006.

Crab Steps Aside (writer/performer). 2005.

Performance On The Path (walk/performance) Tide & Time/South West Coast Path Team. 2005.

Time and Light - performance with St James High School/Exeter Phoenix (writer/director/performer). 2005. 

Observatory Walk (walk/performance to the Norman Lockyer Observatory for Alias Encounters). 2005.

A Michael Chekhov Mis-Guide: walk/performance at Michael Chekhov Conference, Dartington (with Simon Persighetti, Wrights & Sites). 2005.

Subverting the City: A Mis-Guide to Milton Keynes, Wrights & Sites, for Optimistic Productions & Fulcrum TV for Channel 4. 2005.

The Gap – performance/walk (with mathematician Matthew Watkins), British Association Festival of Science. 2004.

The Crab Walks! – written and performed, (directorial assitamce by Anjali Jay). 2003.

Hat and Book – a Blue Boy Walk for Spacex Gallery (part of the Homeland/Middle England exhibition). 2003.

Theatre work with TNT (Munich) since 2003

The Wave (co-adaptor), 2013. Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (co-adaptor), 2013. Don Quixote (co-adaptor), 2010. Much Ado About Nothing (dramaturg), One Language, Many Voices (co-adaptor), Oliver Twist (co-adaptor), Fahrenheit 451 (co-adaptor), Taming of the Shrew (dramaturg), King Lear TNT (dramaturg), The Crucible (dramaturg), Frankenstein (co-adaptor), Romeo and Juliet (dramaturg), The Death Of A Salesman (dramaturg), Moon Palace (co-adaptor), Hamlet (dramaturg), Harold & Maude (dramaturg)

Other theatre since 2003:

Sprout, Proteus Theatre Company (writer). 2005.

Bleak House, Oxfordshire Touring Theatre Company (adaptor). 2003.

David – (Auto)biographical theatre piece scripted for David Oddie, Barefoot Project. 2003.

Research groups

  • Theatre, Dance and Performing Arts

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