Dr Philip Culverhouse

Dr Philip Culverhouse

Associate Professor in Computer Vision & Robotics

School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics (Faculty of Science & Engineering)


University of York: BA (hons) (Biology) 1977

University of Sussex: M.Phil. (Engineering) 1988

University of Plymouth: Ph.D. (Engineering) 1994

Teaching interests


VLSI design, VHDL, Computer Vision, Design and Problem Solving. ALSO vision guidance for robot football see: Plymouth University Robot Football Facebook page

Research interests

Natural Object Categorisation, Machine vision, Expert performance, in situ plankton recognition

Recent publications:

1)    Culverhouse, P.F., et al. An Instrument for Rapid Mesozooplankton Monitoring at Ocean Basin Scale. (2015) J Marine Biol Aquacult 1(1): 1-11.

2)    Annamali ASK, Sutton R, Yang C, Culverhouse PF and Sharma S. (2015) Robust Adaptive Control of an Uninhabited Surface Vehicle. Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems. Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems, 78(2), pp 319-338.

3)    Smith AMC, Yang C, Ma H, Culverhouse PF, Cangelosi A, Burdet E (2015) Novel Hybrid Adaptive Controller for Manipulation in Complex Perturbation Environments. PLOS One, June 1st, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0129281

4)    Terzakis, G., Culverhouse, P., Bugmann, G., Sutton, R. (2015). Fitting multiple projective models using clustering-based Markov chain Monte Carlo inference. Image and Vision Computing 33: 15-25.

5)    Motwani, A., Sharma, S., Sutton, R., and Culverhouse, P. (2014) Application of artificial neural networks to weighted interval Kalman filtering. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part I: Journal of Systems and Control Engineering - Published online before print February 3, 2014.

6)    Terzakis, G., Culverhouse, P., Bugmann, G., Sharma, S., and Sutton, R. (2013) On quaternion based parameterization of orientation in computer vision and robotics. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review, 6 (5) 15-24.

7)    Motwani, A., Sharma, SK., Sutton, R. and Culverhouse, P. (2013). Interval Kalman Filtering in Navigation System Design for an Uninhabited Surface Vehicle. Journal of Navigation, 66, pp 639-652.

8)    **Culverhouse PF, MacLeod N, Williams R, Benfield MC, Lopes R, & Picheral M (2014) An empirical assessment of the consistency of taxonomic identifications. Marine Biology Research, 10:1, 73-84, DOI: 10.1080/17451000.2013.810762.

9)    Ford CC, Bugmann G, Culverhouse P (2013) Modeling the human blink: a computational model for use within human-robot interaction international Journal of Humanoid Robotics vol. 10, no. 1 (2013) pp. 31 pages.

10) Roper, D. Sharma, S. Sutton, R. & Culverhouse, P (2013) Oscillation and direction control strategies for a robotic fish Underwater Technology Journal vol. 31, no 2, pp. 67-76.

11) Tills O, Bitterli T, Culverhouse PF, Spicer JI and Rundle SD (2013) A novel application of motion analysis for detecting stress responses in embryos at different stages of development. BMC Bioinformatics 14:37  doi:10.1186/1471-2105-14-37

Research groups

  • Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab


  • RAPID website: https://www.facebook.com/Research-on-Automated-Plankton-Identification-141817862551413
  • SCOR WG130 web site: http://www.scor-wg130.net/