Dr Rob Parkinson

Dr Rob Parkinson


Academic responsibilities: BSc Biosciences Programme leader, Bicton College and Duchy College Academic Liaison tutor, Undergraduate Projects tutor, MSc Sustainable Horticulture and Food Production link tutor (with Schumacher College). Teaching and research responsibilities include environment and habitat management, soil sustainable use of nutrients, water and bioresources in land use systems. 


PhD Soil water dynamics, University of London
MSc (Dist.) Pedology and Soil Survey, University of Reading
BSc (Hons) Geography and Geology, University of Leeds

Professional membership

Chartered Scientist (CSci)
Member, Institute of Soil Scientists (MI Soil Sci)
Fellow, Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

Roles on external bodies

South West England Soils Group Honorary Secretary and Treasurer

Teaching interests

Teaching interests include a range of modules covering environment, sustainability, land use and habitat management topics at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Recent research and consultancy includes projects investigating aspects of nutrient management and environmental quality within land use systems, sponsored by organisations such as DEFRA, the Environment Agency, as well as postgraduate students on doctoral programmes.

Staff serving as external examiners

MSc external examiner, University of Cork, 2012-
MSc external examiner, Managing the Environment. Aberystwyth University 2006-2010
BSc external examiner, Environmental Management. University of Hertfordshire 2009-2012
Higher degree (Ph.D) examiner for Universities of London, Hertfordshire, Exeter, Reading, Coventry, Hull, Aberystwyth, Galway

Research interests

My research focuses on environmental aspects of agricultural land use and sustainability of food production systems, in particular the exploitation of soil, water and plant resources. I am interested in nutrient dynamics in sustainable agricultural systems and the environmental impacts of farm and human waste recycling, including composting and anaerobic digestion. I also work on edaphic and landscape controls on habitat restoration strategies.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Velasco-Velasco 2009; Misselbrook 2006; Challinor 2006

Grants & contracts

Defra (2010) Design and implementation of technical management systems for anaerobic digestion. Defra KTP programme.  £121,000.
Seale-Hayne Educational Trust (2007) Land use change, energy crops and nutrient losses (£1,200)
Environment Agency (2007-08) Road-testing Soil Quality Indicators (£8,300)
Seale-Hayne Educational Trust (2006) Floristic diversity and grazing regimes on Dartmoor (£6,700)
Wyvern Waste Services (2005) Characterisation and analysis of input organic waste materials for processing in composting treatment systems. £24,900
Carymoor Environmental Trust (2005) Organic Waste Treatment Using Novel Technologies. £30,000
English Nature (2005) Application of GIS to Culm Grassland habitat restoration.  £10,000

Key publications are highlighted

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Conference Papers
Parkinson RJ, Velasco-Velasco J & Kuri V 2010 'Nitrogen use efficiency in smallholder production systems: a case study from central Mexico' 14th Ramiran Conference Lisbon 13/09/2010 15/09/2010
Parkinson RJ & Velasco-Velasco J 2008 'Nitrogen transfers and losses in integrated agricultural systems in central Mexico' 13th RAMIRAN Conference Albena, Bulgaria 01/06/2008 03/06/2008 230-235
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Parkinson RJ, Lott JE, Fuller MP & Beattie L 1999 'Evaluating strategies to reduce nitrate and phosphate loss to surface water from agricultural land on Jersey' 221-228
Other Publications
Joel?Velasco-Velasco 0 Ammonia emissions during vermicomposting of sheep manure. Robert�Parkinson; Victor�Kuri 0 0 10959-10964