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Mr Rob Stillwell

Senior Learning Technologist

Academic Support, Technology & Innovation (Technology & Information Services)


Within my current role I support teaching staff looking to engage with technology as part of their teaching.

I am based within Technology Enhanced Learning which is part of Academic Support Technology and Innovation. 


BSc Medialab Arts (Hons)

Professional membership

CMALT - Certified Member of the Association of Learning Technologists

Other research

Funded Projects

     SEEDPOD (2011-12) – Embedding of Digital Literacies at Plymouth University.
PINEAPPLEProject (2009-11) –Investigating Accreditation of Prior / Previous Experiential Learning within HEin FE contexts.   UsPaCe (2007-8) - Working with a range of open-source and web2.0software technologies including ELGG,, i-Google, etc. to design,develop and pilot a toolkit for FE students.
  UPlaCe (2007-8) –Design, development and management of a University Partner Colleges regionalrepository, storing research outputs, learning materials and programmedocumentation.
      Joint Teaching Fellowship –  iPads for Illustration & Reflection  Rob Stillwell &Dean Owens. £5000
       CEPPL 2007  Manualhandling/Taking Care of Your Back  with Aliston James, Martyn Bradbury, JaneSwain, Liz Tipping, Camille Bellamy-Hillyer and Bernhard Haas.
      CEPPL Innovations Fund grant of £7,500 awarded October 2007 for  ‘The Use of Mobile Technology to Suportthe Development of Evidence Based Practice Skills in the Clinical Setting’  with Dr Jenny Morris& Dr Veronica Maynard
      CEPPL Innovations Fund:  Non-invasive ventilation Elearning Resource . With Sarah Dodds, Graham RWilliamson, Helen Daggar and Claire Hullett. Aug 2007. £5000.
       CEPPL Fellowship (Innovations Fund): Arterial Blood Gas SamplingElearning Resource. With Graham R Williamson and Sarah Dodds . Aug 2006. £5000.

Creative practice & artistic projects

Teaching Fellowship:

Papers / Presentations / Workshops

·        Witt, N, McDermott, Anne, Stillwell, Rob,  Know your Digital Literacies  – Vice Chancellor’s Teaching and Learning Conference Plymouth, 6 July 2012

·        Witt, N, Stillwell, R, -  Talking about iPads  Plymouth University – 26/06/2012, 20/06/2012, 12/06/2012, 01/06/2012, 25/04/2012, 27/03/2012

·        Witt, N, McDermott, Anne, Stillwell, Rob,  Know your Digital Literacies  – University of Plymouth College Libraries Annual Seminar, 4 July 2012

·        Witt, N, McDermott, Anne, Stillwell, Rob,  Know your Digital Literacies  – Pedagogic Research Institute and Observatory at the University of Plymouth (PedRIO) Conference, 18 April 2012

·        Witt, Neil; McDermott, Anne; Stillwell, Rob; Dismore, Harriet; Neville, Sophie,  Effectively supporting best practices for Accredited Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)  Workshop at Staffordshire University, 24th March, 2011

·        Dismore, H., McDermott, A., Witt, N., Stillwell, R., Neville, S. & Stone, M. (2011) Tension of APEL: perceptions of higher education in further education lecturers , Research in Post –Compulsory Education , 16, 3, pp315-331.

·        Witt, N.A.J.  McDermott, A.P., Stillwell, R. and DISMORE H. (2010)  Pineapple – Accredited  Prior Experiential Learning  (invited poster presentation) JISC Innovation Forum Royal Holloway University,28-29 July

·        Witt, N.A.J., Stillwell, R. & McDermott A.P. (2010)  UsPaCe – Not reinventing the wheel but using the wheels to make a better vehicle: the use of Web 2.0 to enhance the support of Foundation Degree students undertaking work-based learning , HEA Evidence Based Practice Employability and Employee Learning Seminar Series. University of Plymouth, 19 May.

·        DISMORE, H and STILLWELL, R. (2010),  PINEAPPLE PROJECT  , UPC Administrators Away Day,  University of Plymouth (Jurys Inn), 23rd March, Plymouth

·        DISMORE, H and STILLWELL, R. (2009),  PINEAPPLE PROJECT UPDATE , APEL Assembly, 8 April, University of Bradford, 8 October, Bradford

·        WITT, N., MCDERMOTT A., AND STILLWELL, R.  (2008),  UsPaCe and Repository developments (JISC) , JISC Regional Support Centre South West Higher Education Conference 2008: Innovation Through Partnership, 8 April, Bristol

·        UsPaCe& UPlaCe (Witt, N., McDermott A., AND Stillwell, R. 2008)  UPC Sharepoint Awareness Day , HELP CETL – 27th February 2008

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