Dr Roy Moate

Dr Roy Moate

Associate Professor Manager of Electron Microscopy Centre

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



As Manager of Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre I am responsible for the day to day running of the  Centre which is a core University resource providing support for both teaching and research in a wide range of disciplines. The EMC is a well equipped microscopy and analysis centre housing a range of modern electron and light microscopes together with ancillary analytical equipment and image analysis facilities (http://www.plymouth.ac.uk/emc). As well as the research carried out by members of the University, within the Centre and from various other departments, particularly the Peninsula Medical School, strong links are maintained with colleagues in the Marine Biological Association of the UK, Derriford Hospital NHS Trust, the National Marine Aquarium and The EDEN project.

Apart from its academic functions, the EMC also has strong commercial links and provides essential consultancy services, both in terms of advice and practical help to local and regional manufacturing businesses. Through such work, there is, therefore, a significant contribution to the local economy and this is enhanced through programmes such as DTI Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

The EMC is also actively involved in education at the secondary school level through the now well-established and highly regarded annual EM for Schools workshops. These workshops are held over a two-week period and attract up to 1,000 Sixth Form students (Years 12 &13) from state and independent schools across the South-West region.


BSc (Hons)2(i) Zoology , University of London (1976)

MSc Applied Fish Biology, CNAA Plymouth Polytechnic (1977)

PhD Biology, Plymouth Polytechnic,(1985)

Professional membership

Biomedical Scientist (Health Professions Council)
Fellow, Royal Microscopical Society

Member, Association of Clinical Electron Microscopy

Teaching interests

I teach on a range of courses (undergraduate and postgraduate) mainly involved with the application of advanced optical and electron microscopy techniques to biological materials.

Module Leader:

BIOM 2007 Techniques in Microscopy & Cellular Biology
BIO    5102  Applications in Electron Microscopy

Research interests

My main interest is as part of the Plymouth Ciliary Research Group (collaboration between the Academic Dept Anaesthesia Derriford Hospital, Peninsula Medical School and Electron Microscope Centre, UoP) investigating the ultrastructure and function of respiratory tract cilia in critically ill patients. Current work in this area centres on a combined laboratory and clinical study to investigate the mechanistic basis of oxygen induced cell death associated with ciliary loss and ultrastructural abnormalities and their relationship to muco-ciliary dysfunction in long stay ICU patients.




Research degrees awarded to supervised students


  • Hanady Al- Shmgani:  (2013): Mechanisms of oxidative stress in respiratory epithelium (2nd supervisor).
  • David Sanders (MD) (2012): Prosthetic mesh and wound infection rates following incisional hernia repair. (2nd supervisor).Yuqing Du (2012):  Film deposition and Microfabrication of magnetic tunenle Junctions with an MgO barrier. (2nd Supervisor).
  • Paul Waines (2011) : Biofilm Formation and Control in a Novel Warm Water Distribution System’ (2nd Supervisor).
  • Arkadios Dimitroglou (2010) : Effects of dietary mannan oligosaccharide (MOS) supplementation in relation to intestinal integrity, microbiota, health & production of cultured fish species. (2nd Supervisor).
  • Jonathan Lovell (2005): Development of a non-invasive electrophysiological system for measuring the auditory capability of marine animals (2nd Supervisor)
  • Joanne Kirby, (2004) : Ultrastructure and function of respiratory cilia in the critically ill. (Director of Studies).
  • Ross Kay (2004) : Risk factors associated with the muco-ciliary apparatus in intensive care patients (2nd Supervisor).
  • Dagmar Hebel (1996) The effect of sub-lethal copper exposure on the gills of Carcinus maenus and the adaptive physiological response. (2nd Supervisor).
  • Penny Sargeant (1995) An ultrastructural investigation of Vulval Vestibulitis Syndrome and associated inflammatory response in perineal skin. (Director of Studies)
  • Sarah Lawson (1994) Effect of copper exposure on the gill structure of an euryhaline crab Carcinus maenas (Crustacea Decapoda). (2nd Supervisor)
  • Edward Lavelle (1994) Gastrointestinal antigen processing and its relevance to enteric vaccine delivery in rainbow trout Onchorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum, 1792). (2nd Supervisor).

Grants & contracts

2013- 2014 Northcott Devon Medical Foundation: Identifying targets to boost repair in the peripheral nervous system. £8,350  (with  D.B. Parkinson & XP Dun).
1997-2012 Consultancy Services (Materials testing, failure analysis, product development; NHS pathology services) total £695,000.
2011  EMC Investment project (European Regional Development Fund) :  £770,450 (with R.Lorraine, R&E, UoP)
2008  Iraqi Government PhD Scholarship: £82,500 “Mechanisms of oxygen-induced loss of cilia in the human bronchus.” (Dr J Moody, PI)
2008  Experiential  CETL Staff  Award development project: £2,850  “Virtual EM_ an interactive learning resource for cell biology.” (with P. Bond & P. Smithers)
2007  Proof of Concept Funding (UoP) : £3,648 “Micro to macro; an interactive image based e-learning interface.”  (with P. Bond).
2007 Science Learning Centre SW £16,450  “WebSEM, remote scanning electron microscopy for schools”.
2006  HEIF3 studentship with Dart Valley Systems Ltd , total £65,000 (DVS £30,000) : “Sub clinical biofilm development in novel no-touch tap systems”. (With Bradley, G., PI).
2004  Case student with PMS , total £65,000 (Derriford Intensive Care Unit,  £30,000. “Oxygen induced cell death associated with mucociliary dysfunction in long stay ICU patients”  (With  Sneyd, JR (PI), McNaughton, P & AJ Moody.)
2002  Royal Society small equipment grant  £9,850 “Opacification of hydrogel intraocular lenses following cataract surgery: a clinical and ultrastructural analysis”  Grant No. RSRG23713 (With Nabil Habib, Plymouth NHS).
2001 SRIF equipment grant  £36,540  “SIS digital camera and image analysis work station for Transmission Electron Microscope”
2000  Case student with PMS , total £65,000 (£30,000, Anaesthesia Research, Plymouth). “Risk factors associated with the muco-ciliary apparatus in intensive care patients” . (With  Sneyd JR (PI) and J. Langton) .
1997  Case student with PMS  total £65,000 (£30,000, Anaesthesia Research, Plymouth). “Ultrastructure and function of respiratory cilia in the critically ill” (With  Sneyd, J.R, and J.L. Langton).  

£28,000 Other small grants (Wellcome Trust Summer Scholarships/ British Council Travel Grants/ Public Engagement/ Royal Soc. Equipment grants)

Doddrell R,  Xin-Peng Dun, Moate R,  Jessen K. R. ,  Mirsky R and Parkinson D.B. (2012) Regulation of Schwann Cell Differentiation and Proliferation by the Pax-3  Transcription Factor : GLIA  60: 1269–1278 

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