Dr Sachin Mangla

Dr Sachin Mangla

Lecturer in Knowledge Management & Business Decision Making

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


Dr. Sachin K Mangla is working in the field of Green SC/Sustainability/Smart Manufacturing/Circular Economy/Risk Management/Simulation/Reverse Logistics/Energy/Decision Making and Empirical research. He loves to research. He has published/presented several papers in repute international/national journals (RSER, TRE-D, JCP, PPC, IJPR, IJPE, ANOR, ISF, BiJ, RCR, IJLRA, IJQRM, IDMS, IJOR) and conferences (POMS, SOMS, IIIE, CILT - LRN, GLOGIFT). He has an h-index 21, i10-index 24, Google Scholar Citations of more than 1200. He is currently editing a Special issue as a Lead Guest Editor in Production Planning & Control: The Management of Operations and Resources, Recycling and Conservation on 'Industry 4 and Circular Economy' and 'Operational Excellence and SSC Performance Improvement'.


[1] Doctor ofPhilosophy (PhD) (2012-2015) on the topic Analysis andManagement of Risks in Green Supply Chain from Indian Institute ofTechnology, Roorkee, India

[2] Master ofTechnology (M.Tech) (Production and Industrial EngineeringManagement) on the topic Green Supply Chain; Analysis & Performance Measurement: Drivenby Environmental Pressure from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India with CGPA 8.91 out of 10(Branch topper) in the 2009-2011 year

[3] Bachelor ofTechnology (B.Tech) (Mechanical Engineering) (With Honors) from Kurukshetra University,Kurukshetra, India with 73.80% marks in the 2004-2008 year

Professional membership

[1] Associate member IndianInstitution of Industrial Engineers (India) - Membership No. SM-10341 (99).

[2] Life Member of Global Conference onFlexible Systems Management ( GLOGIFT)


[4] Member – Society ofOperations Management (SOMS)

[5] Member – MCDM Society

Teaching interests

GlobalSupply Chain & Logistics Management, Knowledge Management & BusinessDecision Making, Operations Strategy and Management; Current Issues inManagement, Information for Business Decisions, Business Research Methods,Innovations and Sustainable Supply Chain, Quality Management, Lean and SixSigma, Pricing and Revenue Management

Staff serving as external examiners

Middlesex University - London Campus

Research interests

Green/Sustainable Supply Chain Management; Circular Economy; Industry 4.0; Knowledge Management & Business Decision Making; Operations Management and Excellence; Sustainable Cities and Society;  Optimisation and Simulation

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

[1] Ph.D. Guidance= 05 (Ongoing) [FirstSupervisor] jointly with Prof. Pravin Patil, GEU, Dehradun, India and 03 [SecondSupervisor] jointly with Prof. Jingjing Xu, University of Plymouth, UK

i) Sustainable Food Supply ChainManagement – Mr. Yogesh Kumar Sharma  – Ongoing from July, 2016 and expected tocomplete by June 2019.

ii) Sustainable Consumption andProduction Management – Miss SurbhiUniyal - Ongoing from July, 2016 and expected to complete by June 2019.

iii) E-mobility in India – Ms. AnjaBarucha (Munich University) – Ongoing from September 2018.

iv) Supply chain resilience and sustainability– Piotr Warmbier (Munich University) - Ongoing from September 2018.

[2] M. Tech. Guidance= 01 (completed)[Single Supervisor]

Grants & contracts

Horizon 2020 project "Enhancing and implementing knowledge based ICTsolutions within high risk and uncertain conditions for agriculture productionsystems (RUC-APS)", funded by European Commission under MarieCurie RISE scheme, €1.3M (Team Member).

Secured grant of £1,000 to attendthe GCRF Global Engagement Meeting in Delhi, India on Tuesday 7th – Thursday9th November 2017, Under Grant ofResearch Councils UK.

Secured grant of £2,000 from Prof.Nick Rich for my visit to the Swansea University, School of Management,Swansea, UK in January 2017.

Secured grant of £1500 from SutanQaboos University for my visit to the Sutan Qaboos University, Oman in Novemver2017

Secured a grant of 1,25,000 INR (1503GBP) for this event. Organized and worked as a Coordinator in NationalSeminar on Materials and Operations Sustainability: an Approach towards Make inIndia during August 13-14, 2016 Sponsored by DST-SERB and UCOST.

Key publications are highlighted

Singh RK, Luthra S, Mangla SK & Uniyal S 2019 'Applications of information and communication technology for sustainable growth of SMEs in India food industry' Resources, Conservation and Recycling 147, 10-18 , DOI
Kumar A, KUMAR MANGLA S, Luthra S & Ishizaka A 2019 'Evaluating the human resource related soft dimensions in green supply chain management implementation' Production Planning and Control 30, (9) 699-715 , DOI PEARL
Yadav G, Mangla SK, Luthra S & Rai DP 2019 'Developing a sustainable smart city framework for developing economies: An Indian context' Sustainable Cities and Society 47, , DOI
Kumar Sharma Y, MANGLA S, Patil P & Liu S 2019 'When challenges impede the process: for circular economy driven sustainability practices in food supply chain' Management Decision 57, (4) 995-1017 , DOI PEARL
Suresh J, KUMAR MANGLA S, Sunil L & Kusi-Sarpong S 2019 'When Stakeholder Pressure drives the Circular Economy: Measuring the Mediating Role of Innovation Capabilities' Management Decision 57, (4) 904-920 , DOI PEARL
Kumar A, KUMAR MANGLA S, Zavadskas EK, Agrawal V, Sharma K & Gupta D 2018 'When risks need attention: adoption of green supply chain initiatives in the pharmaceutical industry' International Journal of Production Research , DOI PEARL
Yadav M, Kumar A, KUMAR MANGLA S, Luthra S, Bamel U & Garza-Reyes JA 2018 'Mapping the human resource focused enablers with sustainability viewpoints in Indian power sector' Journal of Cleaner Production , DOI PEARL
Jakhar SK, Rathore H & Mangla SK 2018 'Is lean synergistic with sustainable supply chain? An empirical investigation from emerging economy' Resources, Conservation and Recycling 139, 262-269 , DOI PEARL
Sharma SK, Mangla SK, Luthra S & Al-Salti Z 2018 'Mobile wallet inhibitors: Developing a comprehensive theory using an integrated model' Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 45, 52-63 , DOI PEARL
Rana NP, Luthra S, MANGLA S, Islam R, Roderick S & Dwivedi YK 2018 'Barriers to the Development of Smart Cities in Indian Context' Information Systems Frontiers , DOI PEARL
Luthra S & Mangla SK 2018 'When strategies matter: Adoption of sustainable supply chain management practices in an emerging economy's context' Resources, Conservation and Recycling 138, 194-206 , DOI PEARL
Venkatesh VG, Zhang A, Deakins E, Luthra S & MANGLA S 2018 'A Fuzzy AHP-TOPSIS Approach to Supply Partner Selection in Continuous Aid Humanitarian Supply Chains' Annals of Operations Research , DOI PEARL
MANGLA S, Luthra S, Rich N, Kumar D, Rana NP & Dwivedi YK 2018 'Enablers to implement sustainable initiatives in agri-food supply chains' International Journal of Production Economics , DOI PEARL
Yadav G, KUMAR MANGLA S, Luthra S & Jakhar S 2018 'Hybrid BWM-ELECTRE-based decision framework for effective offshore outsourcing adoption: a case study' International Journal of Production Research , DOI PEARL
KUMAR MANGLA S & Luthra S 2018 'Evaluating challenges to Industry 4.0 initiatives for supply chain sustainability in emerging economies' Process Safety and Environmental Protection , DOI PEARL
MANGLA SK, Luthra S, Jakhar S, Shankar R & Garg CP 2018 'Modelling Critical Success Factors for Sustainability Initiatives in Supply Chains in Indian Context using Grey-DEMATEL' Production Planning & Control (TPPC) , DOI PEARL
Kumar Mangla S, Bhattacharya? A & Luthra S 0 'Achieving Sustainability in Supply Chain Operations in the interplay between Circular Economy and Industry 4.0' Production Planning and Control
KUMAR MANGLA S, Kusi-Sarpong S, Luthra S, Bai C, Jakhar S & Ahmed Khan S 0 'Operational excellence for improving Sustainable Supply Chain Performance' Resources, Conservation and Recycling
MANGLA KUMAR SACHIN & Luthra S 0 'When challenges need an evaluation: for operational excellence and sustainability orientation in humanitarian supply and logistics management' Production Planning and Control PEARL
20180604 20190930 Call for Papers - Production Planning & Control: The Management of Operations - Achieving Sustainability in Supply Chain Operations in the interplay between Circular Economy and Industry 4.0. University of Plymouth, UK PEARL

Other academic activities

Member of EditorialAdvisory Board, Management Decision, Emerald Publisher.

Associate Editor(Sustainable/Green Management and Decision Making, Technological advancementsand Circular Economy and Implications for Sustainability), RAUSP Journal,Emerald Publisher.

Special Issue Lead Guest Editor:  ProductionPlanning & Control (PPC) (ABS – 3*). Theme: "Achieving Sustainability in Supply Chain Operations in the interplaybetween Circular Economy and Industry 4.0". Submission deadline– December 31, 2018.

Special Issue Lead Guest Editor: Resources Recycling and Conservation (SCI/SSCI,Thomson Reuter Impact Factor 5.5). Theme: “Operational Excellence forimproving Sustainable Supply Chain Performance”. Submission deadline –April 01, 2019.

Special Issue Managing Guest Editor: Management of Environmental Quality (ABS-1*). Theme: Green Supply Chains and Environmental Benchmarking: implicationsfor Emerging Economies”. (Proposal accepted and waiting to appear online)

Editing a book "Sustainable Supply Chain Performance Management: Modelsand Frameworks" published under De Gruyter.  

Editing a book "Sustainable Procurement in Supply Chain Operations"published under CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group)

Editing a focused book "Sustainability,Innovation and Procurement CRC (Taylor & Francis) – Series Book -Mathematical Engineering, Manufacturing, and Management Sciences

Editor- Journal “Journal of Reliability andStatistical Studies". ISSN (Online): 2229-5666|ISSN (Print):0974-8024 (Emerging Sources Citation Indexed).

Editor - Journal “International Journal of productionand Supply chain Management. ISSN (Online):2349-MVTN, ISSN (Print):2349-JURS.