Dr Saeyeon Roh

Dr Saeyeon Roh

Lecturer in International Logistics

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


  • Lecturer in International Logistics of International Shipping, Logistics and Operations Group
  • Previous positions:
             - Research Fellow at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
             - Senior Researcher at Korea Maritime Institute, Korea


  • PhD, Business Studies, Cardiff Business School, UK
  • MSc,International Transport, Cardiff Business School, UK
  • BA, International Commerce, Kyung Hee University, Korea

Professional membership

  • Editorial Board Member of The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics
  • Member of Humanitarian Logistics Association
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Teaching interests


  • Module Leader: MAR323 International Logistics Management (BSc)
  • MAR106 Principles of Logistics and Freight Transport (BSc)
  • MAR212 Maritime Operations (BSc)
  • MAR322 Research Skills for International Business (BSc)
  • Module Leader: MAR704 Logistics, Supply Chains, Systems and Methods (MSc)
  • MAR709 International Logistics Management (MSc)
Currently supervising 4 PhD candidates in the area of Maritime Economics, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Research interests

  • Humanitarian Logistics
  • Logistics Management
  • Supply Chain Managaement

Key publications are highlighted

Roh S & Jang H-M 2018 'Strategic logistics outsourcing in humanitarian supply chain: a fuzzy AHP approach' Korean Journal of Logistics 26, (4) , DOI PEARL
Roh S, Tam J, Lee SW & Seo YJ 2018 'Risk assessment of maritime supply chain security in ports and waterways' International Journal of Supply Chain Management 7, (6) 300-307 PEARL
Roh SY, Shin YR & Seo YJ 2018 'The Pre-positioned Warehouse Location Selection for International Humanitarian Relief Logistics' Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics 34, (4) 297-307 , DOI PEARL
Seo YJ, Chen F & Roh SY 2017 'Multimodal Transportation: The Case of Laptop from Chongqing in China to Rotterdam in Europe' The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics 33, (3) 155-165 , DOI PEARL
Roh S, Thai VV & Wong YD 2016 'Towards Sustainable ASEAN Port Development: Challenges and Opportunities for Vietnamese Ports' The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics 32, (2) 107-118 , DOI PEARL
Yeo GT, Thai VV & Roh SY 2015 'An Analysis of Port Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: The Case of Korean Container Ports' The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics 31, (4) 437-447 , DOI PEARL
Roh S, Pettit S, Harris I & Beresford A 2015 'The pre-positioning of warehouses at regional and local levels for a humanitarian relief organisation' International Journal of Production Economics 170, 616-628 , DOI PEARL
Roh S-Y, Jang H-M & Han C-H 2013 'Warehouse Location Decision Factors in Humanitarian Relief Logistics' The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics 29, (1) 103-120 , DOI PEARL