Dr Samantha Regan de Bere

Dr Samantha Regan de Bere

Lecturer in Medical Humanities

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry)


Academic Lead for Medical Humanities at Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry

Academic Consultant to Schwartz Rounds at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
Member of the Community and Primary Care Research Group


BSc (Hons) Sociology and Psychology
PgDip Research
MSc Social Research
PhD Military Research

Professional membership

Association for Medical Humanities (AMH)
British Sociogical Association Medical Society (BSA MedSoc)
European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST)

Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME)

Roles on external bodies

Formerly Vice President of Association for Medical Humanities (AMH) UK

Teaching interests

Medical humanities, medical ethics and metaphysics, professionalism and identity,

Research interests

Medical humanities, patient centred education and care, discursive methodologies, cultural historical activity theory

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Supervisions in last five years:

PhD (Director of Studies) The Art and Science of Patient-centred Medicine. Williams, L. Successfully Completed

PhD (2nd Supervisor) Exploring the Impacts of Technological Innovation in Education in Oman. Al Hajiri, A. Successfully Completed
PhD (Director of Studies) Deconstructing, Contextualising and Assessing Management and Leadership Criteria. Hanks, S. Current

PhD (Director of Studies) Patient and Public Involvement in Mental Health Revalidation: what's the diagnosis? Baines, R. Current

PhD (Second Supervisor) Professional Identity Formation after Remediation: the implications for professional development and clinical practice. Read, J. Current

Grants & contracts

In the past five years:

Regan de Bere, S (principal investigator), Nunn, S & Nasser, M
Understanding Differential Attainment: a narrative synthesis review
GMC. £39,000 (2015)

Archer, J, Boyd, A, Regan de Bere, S (co-applicant), Walshe, K, & Woods, K
Evaluation of Revalidation in England
Department of Health PRP. £650,000 (2015)

Archer, J & Regan de Bere, (co-applicant)
Revalidation: the evidence for revalidation and the options for revalidation in the Australian context
Medical Council of Australia. £33,000 (2015)

Archer, J, Cameron N, Laugharne, K, Marshall, M, Regan de Bere, S (co-applicant), Walshe, K, WIlson, S & Wright, R
Evaluation of Revalidation in the UK: a four country collaboration
GMC. £525,000 (2015)

Regan de Bere, S (principle investigator), Nunn, S & Archer, J
What is Revalidation? In public
Health Foundation. £90,000 (2014)

Archer, J, Lynn, N & Regan de Bere, S (co-applicant)
Reviewing the evidence for a National Licensing Exam: a systematic review
GMC. £22,000 (2014)

Regan de Bere, S (principle investigator), Archer, J & Bryce, M
Review of decision making in the General Medical Council's Fitness to Practise Procedures
GMC. £86,000 (2014)

Archer, J & Regan de Bere, S (co-applicant) & Nunn, S
Development of an evaluation framework for Revalidation
GMC. £80,000 (2014)

Archer, J & Regan de Bere, S (co-applicant) & Brennan, S
Strategic review of Medical Council Professional Competence Arrangements
Medical Council of Ireland. £50,000 (2013)

Davies, A, Regan de Bere, S (co-applicant) & Ayres, R
Separating the wheat from the chaff: evaluating workshops as a pedagogic platform for medical education
DME Award. £6,800 (2013) 

Regan de Bere, S (principal investigator), Nunn, S, Archer, J & Chatterjee, A
Patient and Public Involvement in Regulation 
RST, Department of Health. £20,000 (2013) 

Archer, J & Regan de Bere, S (principal investigator) and Nunn, S
Understanding the rise in fitness to practice complaints from the public
GMC. £65,000 (2013)

Regan de Bere, S (principal investigator), Ayres, R & Davies, A 
Evaluating the role of the medical humanities in patient-centred learning: a study of interprofessional interaction
DME Award. £6,800 (2012)

Archer, J, Regan de Bere, S (co-principal investigator) & Anderson, A.
What is Revalidation? In Practice. A single site study. 
Health Foundation. £90,000 (2012)

Regan de Bere, S (principal investigator) & Barnes, R.
“The Art and Science of Knowing Patients: students talk with and about patients”.
PhD Studentship (2011)

Archer, J, Regan de Bere, S (co-principal investigator) & Corrigan, O.
What is Revalidation? In Policy. 
Health Foundation. £90,000 (2010)

Key publications are highlighted

Baines RL & Regan de Bere S 2017 'Optimizing patient and public involvement (PPI): Identifying its "essential" and "desirable" principles using a systematic review and modified Delphi methodology' Health Expect Author Site , DOI PEARL
Archer J, Nunn S & Regan de Bere S 2017 'The McDonaldization of appraisal? Doctors' views of the early impacts of medical revalidation in the United Kingdom' Health Policy Author Site , DOI PEARL
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Regan De Bere S 2003 'Men, Families and Resettlement' in Higate P Military masculinities Praeger Publishers
Conference Papers
McHarg J, Goding L, Caldarone C, Regan De Bere S & McLachlan JC 0 'Do virtual communities form within a cohort of face to face learning students?' Proceedings of Iadis conference web-based communities 01/01/2005
Other Publications
Mattick K & Regan de Bere S 2008 Is anatomy different? A survey of views of UK anatomy tutors. On-line research findings for Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine (MEDEV). 0 0