Dr Sanne Van Kampen

Dr Sanne Van Kampen

Research Fellow

Clinical Trials & Health Research - Institute of Translational & Stratified Medicine (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry)


PenCLAHRC Research Fellow

Sanne joined the Community and Primary Care Research Group in January 2016 to support various projects in health services research under the PenCLAHRC programme. Her areas of expertise include study design and quantitative analysis. Before joining the University of Plymouth, she worked for KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation and the World Health Organization as technical consultant on tuberculosis diagnostics, where she supported various countries in Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia with the implementation and evaluation of new laboratory methods. Her previous research includes patient cohort trials, cost-effectiveness studies, multi-country surveys and systematic reviews on new approaches for infectious disease control.


Sanne has a background in international public health and infectious diseases. Her PhD thesis evaluated the implementation of new diagnostics for tuberculosis in high-burden countries with the aim to bridge the gap between global policy and local practice. (http://dare.uva.nl/document/2/165754)


MSc Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (DL ongoing)

PhD Medical Sciences, Universiteit van Amsterdam, 2015

MSc Biomedical Sciences, VU University of Amsterdam, 2010

BSc Biomedical Sciences,  Universiteit van Amsterdam, 2007

Key publications are highlighted

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Hunt HA, Van Kampen S, Takwoingi Y, Llewellyn DJ, Pearson M & Hyde CJ 2017 'The comparative diagnostic accuracy of the Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) and the General Practitioner assessment of Cognition (GPCOG) for identifying dementia in primary care: a systematic review protocol' Diagnostic and Prognostic Research 1, (1) , DOI PEARL
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Van Kampen SC, Tursynbayeva A, Koptleuova A, Murzakhmetova Z, Bigalieva L, Aubakirova M, Pak S & Van den Hof S 2015 'Effect of introducing Xpert MTB/RIF to test and treat individuals at risk of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Kazakhstan: a prospective cohort study' PLoS One , DOI
van Kampen SC, Susanto NH, Simon S, Astiti SD, Chandra R, Burhan E, Farid MN, Chittenden K, Mustikawati DE & Alisjahbana B 2015 'Effects of Introducing Xpert MTB/RIF on Diagnosis and Treatment of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Patients in Indonesia: A Pre-Post Intervention Study' PLOS ONE 10, (6) e0123536-e0123536 , DOI
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