Dr Satish BK

Dr Satish BK

Associate Head of School (Teaching and Learning)

School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)


2014             Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice

                      Plymouth University

Nominated for ‘PGCAP Award of Excellence’ for the thoughtful contribution and ‘A truly reflective’ assignment


2013             PhD Architecture 

                      The University of Edinburgh, 

                     Area of Interest: Sustainable built environment.

Title: “Sustainable Housing for the growing Middle classes: A contextual study of Mysore, India”


1995              Master of Urban and Regional Planning (M U R P)

                      The University of Mysore, India

                     First Rank & Two Gold Medals


1993              Bachelor of Architecture (B Arch)

                      The University of Mysore, India

                     Second topper for the University

Professional membership

Fellow, Higher Education Academy (UK)

Member of Council of Architects, India

Associate of Indian Institute of Architects.

Associate of Indian Institute of Town Planners. 

Fellow of institute of Valuers, India

                       Member of “The Indian society for technical education”

Roles on external bodies

CIAT accreditation Panel member

Teaching interests

Performative Architecture Thematic Studio Leader - 2/3 Year Vertical Design Studio - BA Arch

M Arch Design Studio Tutor
M Arch Technology - Module Leader
BA Architecture Technology Modules Leader

Research interests

My primary research focus is the sustainable built environment. My research interests lie in how homeowners’ aspirations can inform sustainable strategies in architectural design. My research goes beyond measuring technical performance in the building and examines the ways in which the behaviour of buildings is qualified to represent this in the wider social and cultural contexts.

Key publications are highlighted

Basavapatna Kumaraswamy S & Brennan J 2015 'Significance of boundary conditions towards sustainable housing strategies' IAFOR Journal of Sustainability, Energy and the Environment 2, (1) 21-40 PEARL
Satish BK, Brennan J & Pedreschi R 2011 'Influence of affluence on sustainable housing in Mysore, India' Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Engineering Sustainability 164, (4) 249-260 , DOI PEARL
Conference Papers
Basavapatna Kumaraswamy S & De Wilde P 2016 'Simulation in education: application in Architectural Technology design projects' Building Simulation'15, 14th International IBPSA Conference Hyderabad, India 07/12/2015 09/12/2015 The American Philosophical Society PEARL
Basavapatna Kumaraswamy S 2014 'Influence of affluence on sustainable housing: a contextual study of Mysore, India' The World Sustainable Building 2014 Conference Barcelona, Spain 28/10/2014 30/10/2014 PEARL
Basavapatna Kumaraswamy S 2014 'Harmonising homeowners’ aspirations for low-carbon housing: a contextual study of Mysore,India' Zero Carbon Buildings Today and in the Future Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UK 11/09/2014 12/09/2014 PEARL
Basavapatna Kumaraswamy S & Brennan J 2012 'Sustainable Housing Strategies for the Growing Indian Demographics: Contextual Study of Mysore, India' The Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy & the Environment Osaka, Japan 03/05/2012 06/05/2012 PEARL
Basavapatna Kumaraswamy S & Brennan J 2010 'harmonising middle-class aspirations for low-carbon housing: contextual study of Mysore, India' Sustainable Architecture & Urban Design 2010 Universiti Sains, Penang, Malaysia 03/03/2010 04/03/2010 PEARL
Basavapatna Kumaraswamy S 2009 'Shifting barriers around the sustainable built environment: a study of Mysore, India' Transilient boundaries in/of architecture Edinburgh, UK 30/03/2009 31/03/2009 PEARL
Other Publications
Brennan J 0 Methodologies for Sustainable Projects. Basavapatna Kumaraswamy S; Shahzad S Edinburgh The Edinburgh University 0 0 PEARL