Dr Shee Lippell

Dr Shee Lippell

Lecturer in Human Resource Studies (Education)

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Business)


B.Sc Hons Psychology

Postgraduate Certificate of Education

M.Sc Educational Psychology and Statistics for Social Sciences

Certificate in Professional Management

Certificate in Training Parts 1 and 11

Teaching interests

Personal Creativity and its relationship to Entrepreneurism and Innovation.

Human Resource Management

The Employment Relationship

People Resourcing


Personnel Skills

Interpersonal Skills


Statistics for Social Sciences



Research interests

Creativity and Emotional Intelligence

Medical Education

Life Mentoring

Other research

Researching Life Mentoring and Coaching for forthcoming article in business press.

The Role of Integrative Arts in Higher Education

Creative practice & artistic projects

Founding Alchemea, a digital audio engineering college in Islington , London.

A practising musician.

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Key publications are highlighted

Lippell S & Jones S 2008 'The impact of a multi-agency locality team project on the lives of children and young people' Educational and Child Psychology 25, (1) 87-97
Lippell S 2002 'Creativity and medical education' Medical Education 36, (6) 519-521 , DOI