Dr Simos Vamvakidis

Dr Simos Vamvakidis

Lecturer in Architecture (Design)

School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


Lecturer for Architecture

Professional membership

Fellow for HEA, the Higher Education Academy. Member of TEE-TCG, Greek chamber of architects.

Teaching interests

He is interested in teaching design studios and in any architectural gesture that negotiates /proposes / poses questions related to the way we experience and interact with the public / private spaces, as a single person or as part of a wider social group, based on today’s social, economic and cultural context. He sometimes gives in to technological experimentation that comes to clad an architectural idea.

Research interests

Simos is interested in generative and parametric design theory and professional practice, as well as possible applications using Computer Aided Manufacturing. His PhD in architecture is titled "Generative and Parametric Design: The semantic shift from designing an object to designing a field of possibilities".

Creative practice & artistic projects

Simos has worked in internationally acclaimed architecture offices, such as UNstudio in Amsterdam as an architect, where he was part of the main design team for the Qatar Railways system that includes more than 100 stations. Simos founded his architectural firm SVstudio in 2008. SVstudio has won prizes in international architectural competitions, such as the Faliron Landmark competition in Athens, Greece.


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Book chapter contributions

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Journal Articles

Vamvakidis, S.(2017). Fabricating Gradient Transparency: A Bio-Inspired Digital Design Model and Prototyping Methods. In: 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing (MIT). Mar 2017, 4(1): pp 41-52.

Conference presentations & papers

Vamvakidis, S. (2016). Controlled Transformations: A method to introduce first year architecture students to digital and parametric design thinking. In : Crowdthinking, 20th SIGraDI, University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, pp 170-174.
Vamvakidis, S. (2015). Gradient Transparency : marine animals as a source of inspiration.Exploring material bio-mimicry through the latest 3d printing technology in architectural surfaces. In : Real time, Extending the Reach of Computation, 33th eCAADe, University of Vienna, Vienna, pp 325-330.
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