Dr Stavros Shiaeles

Dr Stavros Shiaeles

Lecturer in Cyber Security

School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Dr. Stavros Shiaeles is a member of the Centre for Security, Communications & Network Research, Lecturer in School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics at Plymouth University, United Kingdom and Adjunct Lecturer in Cyprus Open University.

Prior entering the academia his was working in the IT industry for years. His working experience covers Linux, FreeBSD, Custom Firewalls, Application Level Firewalls, VPN, Remote Access, Antivirus, Proxies, IDS, IPS, VoIP, RouterOS , VM and also consulting in various aspects of IT and IS.

Further information relating to research publications, professional activities, presentations and conferences organised, can be found at the Centre for Security, Communications and Network Research (CSCAN) website.


Academic Qualifications
  • 2013 Ph.D, "Realtime detection and response of distributed denial of service attacks for webservices"
  • 2016 MBA, "The contribution of e-HRM to HRM effectiveness: A case study for Academic Institutions in Cyprus"
  • 2007 MEng., "Wireless networks: How to attack and protect them"

Professional Qualifications
  • 2017, Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP)
  • 2017, EC-Council Advanced Penetration Testing v3 (CAST611)
  • 2016, Certified EC-Council Instructor(CEI)
  • 2016, EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker Certificate v9 (CEHv9)
  • 2015, Cyberoam Certified Network & Security Professional (CCNSP)
  • 2015, HRDA Cyprus - Certified Professional Trainer in Cyprus
  • 2014, ISACA Cobit 5 Foundation Certificate
  • 2013, EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker Certificate v7 (CEHv7)

Professional membership

  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy, UK (FHEA)
  • Fellow of the British Computing Society (FBCS)
  • Member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE) 
  • Member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineering Computer Society Member (IEEE Computer Society)
  • ISACA Member
  • Cyprus Chartered Engineer (TEE)
  • Greece Chartered Engineer (ETEK)
  • Cyprus Computer Society Member (CCS)
  • ISC2 Cyprus Chapter Member

Teaching interests

Module Delivery

  • SEC101 Introduction to Computer Security
  • NET505 Computer Networks and Cybersecurity
  • SEC302/502 Network Security and Penetration Testing
  • SEC202/504 Secure Systems Architectures and Mechanisms*
  • SEC203 Security Integrating Project*
  • LAW3239 Cybercrime: Issues and Regulation

Previous Module Delivery (Other Universities)
  • SEC 304 Secure Systems Architectures and Mechanisms*
  • PES 620 Computer and Network Security (Master Level)* - Distance Learning
  • AYD 521 Computer Forensic Investigation (Master Level)* - Distance Learning 
  • BCO4008 Introduction to Information Systems 

*Developed module

Research interests

  • Intrusion Prevention Detection and Response
  • Social Engineering
  • Security Education
  • Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (BotNets, DDoS, RoQ, LDOS)
  • Forensics (Including Mobile)
  • Malware Analysis and Code Analysis
  • Network Anomaly Detection
  • IoT Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Machine Learning applied in Cyber Security 

Other research

Research projects
  • H2020 RIA, “Advanced Cyber-Threat Intelligence, Detection, and Mitigation Platform for a Trusted Internet of Things” €2,998,182 (€398,395 to Plymouth University). S. Shiaeles (PI), Nathan Clarke (Co-I), Bogdan Ghita(Co-I), Maria Papadaki(Co-I)  and Steven Furnell (Co-I)  - (2018-2021)
  • EU FP7  “Cooperation 2011” at the Democritus University of Thrace (DUTh) ”Greece and European Union Funding, NSRF 2007-2013, Researcher (2013-2015)
  • EU FP7 + Greek (NSRF 2007-13) Funding Program: “Thalis – Center for Multifunctional Nanocomposite Construction Materials (Polei Ylika, CMNCM) at the Democritus University of Thrace (DUTh)”,, NSRF 2007-2013,  (http://www.cmncm.org), Researcher (2013-2015)

Complete Publication List at: Google Scholar, SCOPUS

Indicative Journal Publications
  • Pellet, K., Shiaeles, S., Stavrou, S., Localising Social Network Users and Profiling their Movement, Computer & Security, Elsevier, 2018 
  • Kolokotronis, N., Limniotis, K., Shiaeles, S., Griffiths, R., Blockchain Technologies for Enhanced Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things, IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, IEEE, 2018
  • Shiaeles, S. and Papadaki, M., FHSD: An improved IP Spoof detection method for Web DDoS Attacks, The Computer Journal, February 2014, Oxford Journals, DOI
  • Shiaeles, S., Chryssanthou, A., and Katos, V., On-scene Triage open source forensic tool chests: Are they effective?, Digital Investigation, April 2013, Elsevier, DOI
  • Shiaeles, S., Katos, V., Karakos, A.S., Papadopoulos, B.K., Real time DDoS detection using fuzzy estimators, Computer & Security, Volume 31, June 2012, Elsevier, DOI
  • Nikolaidou, P.T., Shiaeles, S., Karakos, A.S., MusicPedia: Retrieving and Merging- Interlinking Music Metadata, Journal of Computing, Volume 3, Issue 8, August 2011, External link available
Indicative Conference Publications
  • Shala, B., Wacht, P., Trick, U., Lehmann, A., Ghita, B., and Shiaeles, S. (2017, August). Trust Integration for Security Optimisation in P2P-Based M2M Applications. In Trustcom/BigDataSE/ICESS, 2017 IEEE (pp. 949-954). IEEE.
  • Shala, B., Wacht, P., Trick, U., Lehmann, A., Ghita, B., and Shiaeles, S. (2017, July). Framework for automated functional testing of P2P-based M2M applications. In Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN), 2017 Ninth International Conference on (pp. 916-921). IEEE.
Indicative Technical Publications
  • Stavros N. Shiaeles, Set up a VOIP Server for SIP Calls and Protect it From Bruteforce Attacks in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, BSD, Volume 8, No 3, Issue 03/2014(56), ISSN 1898-9144, pp. 34-39.
  • Stavros N. Shiaeles and Vasilios Katos, GreenSQL Yet another important step to protecting web sites from sql injection attacks, Hakin9, Volume 7, No 7, Issue 07/2012(55), ISSN 1733-7186, pp. 16-22.
  • Stavros N. Shaeles and Ioannis D. Psaroudakis, A study of a Botnet creation process and the impact of a DDoS attack against a web server, Hakin9 Bible, Issue 1/2012(3), ISSN 1733-7186, pp. 140-145.
  • Stavros N. Shaeles, Protecting Apache From Dos And DDoS Attacks, BSD Magazine: The Inevitability of IPv6, Volume 4, Issue 10/2011(27), ISSN 1898-9144, pp. 32-34.
  • Stavros N. Shaeles, Increase the protection of dynamic websites from XSS, SQL injection and webserver dos-ddos attacks, Hakin9 Extra: Android Security, Issue 4/2011(4), ISSN 1733-7186, pp. 34-37.
  • Stavros N. Shaeles, Apache2, php5, mysql5, modsecurity2.5, BSD Magazine: Protecting Dynamic Websites in FreeBSD, Volume 4, Issue 09/2011(26), ISSN 1898-9144, pp. 18-27.

Other academic activities

  • JISA (Elsevier) Reviewer
  • Enttropy (MDPI) Reviewer
  • IJAIP and IJITM (Inderscience) Reviewer
  • Computer and Security (Elsevier) Reviewer
  • Computer Journal (Oxford Journals) Reviewer
  • PCI Conference Reviewer (Pan-Hellenic Conference on Informatics with international participation) 
  • OWASP Reviewer (AppSec Research 2012 Conference)