Dr Stephen Burchett

Dr Stephen Burchett

Lecturer in Ecology

School of Biological & Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science & Engineering)



2000: University of Plymouth (Seale-Hayne)

PhD The mechanism of action of seaweed extract in the manipulation of frost resistance in crop plants.

1995-1996: University of Bristol (Long Ashton Research Station)

MSc Crop Protection.

1992-1995: University of Plymouth BSc (Hons) Biological Science 2.1

1991-1992: Open University Biology Form and Function

1990-1991: Open University Science Foundation
Vocational Training:

2004: Certificate of Competence in Fertiliser Advise (FACTS)

2003: University of Plymouth, Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Teaching interests

Agricultural botany, plant anatomy and physiology, plant pathology and pest ecology. Ecological plant physiology, statistics and plant identification and surveying, habitat management. Weed science, plant propagation grassland management and arable cropping systems. Livestock health and welfare.

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Burchett, S., Fuller, M.P. and Dodd, N,J,F. (2003) The effect of cold acclimation on water release time and spin-probe relaxation time in Hordeum vulgare L. Poster. Plant and Microbe Adaptations to Cold Meeting – Quebec May 25th – 29th.

Burchett, S. (2003) Seaweed extracts found to enhance hardiness. The Plantsman, vol 2, part 1, pg 6-7.

Burchett, S., Fuller, M.P. and Dakin-Elliot, N. (2002) Propagation and characterisation of the freezing tolerance of a novel South African ornamental Cineraria saxifrage. Annauls of Applied Biology. 140, 285-289.

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Gibbs, P., Parkinson, R., Misselbrook, T. and Burchett, S. (2002) Environmental impacts of cattle manure composting. In: Insam, H., Riddech, N. and Klammer, S. (eds) Microbiology of Composting. Springer Verlag. Berlin.

Parkinson, R., Gibbs, P., Burchett, S., Wilson, P., Warren, M., Fuller, M.P. and Davies, C. (2000) Enhancing the effective utilisation of animal manure on farm through compost technology. Final Report, Project WA519. MAFF/Environment Agency/BOC Foundation.