Dr Sylvia Terbeck

Dr Sylvia Terbeck

Lecturer in Psychology

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences)


Lecturer in Psychology


DPhil Experimental Psychology [University of Oxford] 04/2013

Diplom Psychology [MSc equivalent] [University of Vienna] 12/2008

Vordiplom Psychology [BSc equivalent] [University of Kiel] 04/2006

After studying psychology in Germany and Austria I came to the UK to complete my PhD at Oxford University. My research has always focused on social psychology, I am interested to understand intergroup relations and priciples of social groups.

Professional membership

German Psychological Society
British Psychological Society

Teaching interests

Social Psychology
Project student supervision

Research interests

Social Neuroscience
Moral Psychology
Social Psychology/ Intergroup relations
Virtual Reality

Grants & contracts

2017-2018 PI on research grant; BA/Leverhulme [£9.900]

2015-2016 PI on research grant; British Academy/Leverhulme [£7700]

2008-2013 Full 3 year PhD scholarship [Program on the Ethics of the new Bioscience]  [University fee + ~ £39.000]

2009 Free Mover DAAD scholarship [German exchange] [University of Vienna] [Euro 680,00]

Key publications are highlighted

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Francis K, Terbeck S, Briazu R, Haines A, Gummerum M, Ganis G & Howard IS 2017 'Simulating Moral Actions: An Investigation of Personal Force in Virtual Moral Dilemmas' Scientific Reports , DOI PEARL
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2017 'The Politics of Social Psychology' Psychology Press , DOI
Conference Papers
Simpson W, Longmore C, Anderson G & Terbeck S 2016 'What causes the other-race effect? Evidence from classification images' 87-87

Other academic activities

Reviewer for Encyclopaedia of social neuroscience; British Journal of Psychiatry; ADHD, PLOS ONE

Media presence including: BBC world, Channel 4 news, and CBS news