Mr Thomas Murphy

Mr Thomas Murphy

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


PhD researcher and demonstrator


  • Bsc - Environmental science (Hons) with extended year - Plymouth University.
  • PhD - The Potential of woodland creation for mitigating the impacts of climate change on Dartmoor - Plymouth University & UK Environment Agency.

Teaching interests

Envs1002 - The physical environment

Envs5003 - Ecological survey evaluation and mitigation

Research interests

I am interested in all aspects of environmental science however my particular research interests concern the interaction between climate change and woodland ecology and focus on examining the ability of woodland creation/colonisation to help mitigate adverse impacts associated with anthropogenic climate change. I am particularly interested in understanding the tolerance of tree species to environmental variation in order to determine the effectiveness of woodland colonisation as a means of Natural Flood Management (NFM), an approach which is gaining prominence as a mitigation solution. 


Murphy T. 2018. At the limits of growth? – Evidence forimpacts of recent cimate change on the growth of Quercus robur in relic uplandAtlantic oak woodland, Wistmans Wood, Dartmoor National Park. World conferenceon Ecology. Journal of Ecosystem & Ecography, 8, 45. DOI:10.4172/2157-7625-C1-032.

Murphy T. 2018. Trees on Dartmoor – practical solution for achanging climate? Presentation to UK Environment Agency - Dartmoor HeadwatersNatural Flood Management working group, Manley House, Exeter, Devon.

Murphy T. 2018. Climate change and oak on Dartmoor - Presentationto Dartmoor National Park Authority, Parke House, Devon.

Murphy T. 2016. Woodland & climate change - Key notespeech at Moor Trees Annual General Meeting, Woodah farm, Devon.


Murphy T. 2018. Wistmans wood – examing the response of oaktrees to climate in a special woodland. Moor Trees Newsletter, Spring edition,5.

Murphy T. 2015. Research on tree stress at Howton Down. MoorTrees Newletter, Autumn edition, 4.