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Vivien Grant

PedRIO & Educational Development


Academic Developer


MA (Ed), PG Dip (ED), Cert Ed, LeTTOL, SIAD, MAC

I joined the Educational Development team in Oct. 2011 working part-time as an Academic Developer, teaching on the Post Graduate Certificate of Academic Practice, (PGCAP 600/700) and the General Teaching Assistant Programme, (GTA).

Prior to this post I had a long professional association with Plymouth University, engaged in managing teaching, learning, assessment, curriculum design and reform in the post graduate education sector. More recently I have collaborated in funded Pedagogic Research projects.

In 1999 I was invited to work at Plymouth University having already established a successful full time career spanning a decade designing, delivering and assessing on Art and Design curriculums' in HE and FE contexts.

From 1999 -2008 I worked as a full time lecturer in post graduate education, teaching on and finally managing the PGCE (post-16) programme on the Plymouth University Exmouth campus at Rolle College. I also taught on the Cert Ed (post-16) part-time, BA Education and Training programmes and the IMP (integrated Masters Programme). As direct impact of my MA (Ed) research in online teaching and learning and wellbeing in education, two new modules of learning were created for the PGCE (post-16) and BA in Education and training I worked on at the time.

In 2008 I took voluntary redundancy due to a major University re-structuring process. It felt my work as a lecturer had come to a natural end. Since then I have worked in a number of part time Professional Educational roles in Higher Education, from an Educational Consultant in the field of e-learning at Westminster University, educational consultancy for Schumacher College & Mindfulness UK. I have worked in part-time roles as an associate lecturer in Education Studies, a Pedagogic Researcher for Sustainability, Internationalisation, Ethnicity and Equality in HE and finally as an Academic Developer.

The one to one professional development mentoring I facilitated within the university sector combined with my on going unfunded research into Wellbeing, Mindfulness and Presence based coaching led me to understand that I work best enabling individuals and small groups to flourish through personal and professional critical reflection on professional practice. As a result, I felt the need to extend my professional expertise in these fields by leaving the university sector for a period of time to pursue my own funded CPD. In Sept 2013 I began a journey to train as a Life Coach and deepen my practice of Presence based awareness, self-care and wellbeing. This is an ongoing practice which is an underpinning ethos that informs the Corporate Workplace Life coaching for Educational practitioners, Creative Industries and Broadcast Media professionals I currently engage with. I also work as a Learning and Development specialist facilitating workshops in wellbeing, next stage organisations, team work, collaboration and improved communication in organisational contexts. I am a member and an accredited foundation coach of the Association for Coaching, UK. My business office is based in Taunton, Somerset at Prometheus Psychological Therapy Centre. I travel nationally to deliver learning and development workshops and corporate coaching. The aim at the heart of my work is to help people transform their lives. I quietly inspire, lead and facilitate individuals and organizations to nurture potential and right purpose during uncertain times of transition and change. See  for more details.

Professional membership

Accredited Foundation Coach with the Association for Coaching UK - Member (MAC) with the Association for Coaching UK

Teaching interests

- Narrative Approaches to Educational Practice - Narrative Inquiry into Teacher's Lives - Reflective Practice and Critical Thinking - Writing for Professional Development - Theory and Practice of Teaching and Learning in FE and HE Education Sectors (Teacher Education and Training) - Theory and Practice of online Learning - Constructing Professional identities through on-line Post Graduate Teacher Education and Training - Transformative Learning for Sustainability - Sustainable Wellbeing in Organisations - Experiential Learning - Internationalisation of the Classroom - Engaged Pedagogy - Post structural Feminist thought about the Body in Educational Organisations - Emotions in Education - Review of Educational Practice, Teaching Observations - Curriculum reconceptualization

Staff serving as external examiners

Risk Assessment for Implementing FdA Bio-medical Science

University of Westminster, 115 New Cavendish St, London, W1W 6UW

Viv Tucker - External e-learning advisor                                                                    July 2008


Risk Assessment for Implementing FdA Hospitality Management (Army)

Kingsway College, Victoria, London.

Viv Tucker -  External e-learning advisor                                                                   July 2008

Research interests

In Oct. 2013 I left Plymouth University and have been engaged in my own unfunded Educational and Creative research.

My previous research interests in Narrative Research Methodologies, Reflective Practice and Writing as Professional Development in Higher and Post-Graduate education inform my current on-going creative research output.

Most of my action-research and practice led research to date has been fed-back into curriculum development, new modules and programme conceptualisation.

It was in the last 7 years of my academic career, I engaged in writing and publication of research either collectively with colleagues or as an individual author, contributing and raising the international and national research profile of Plymouth University.

Journal Publications

The University as a Site for Transformation around Sustainability: - Dr Jennie Winter, Prof Debby Cotton, Ms Vivien Grant and Prof Peter Hopkinson (2015) International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development (IJISD).Special Issue: Innovations in Sustainability Management in Universities.

Graduate Teaching Assistants: Responding to the Challenges of Internationalisation, (ID:986661. DOI: 10.1080/1360144X.2014.986661) International Journal of Academic Development (IJAD) (Download Current Citation: RIS Bib Tex) Publication Date –08 Dec. 2014 (online) – Jennie Winter, Rebecca Turner, Sharon Gedye, Vivien Grant, Patricia Nash.

Adoption, Love and The Struggle to be Born - An Auto ethnographic account of the affects of Adoption , Grant, V, The Journal of Loss and Trauma, Taylor & Francis, USA, Vol16 Aug 2009

Taking a stance: Promoting deliberate actionthrough online postgraduate professional development, Kelly, P, Gale, K,Wheeler, S & Tucker, V: (2007)in Technology, Pedagogy and Education.


Chapters in Books

Winter, J. Cotton, D, and Grant, V (2012) Experiencing Transformation: A student Perspective. In Leal, W. “Sustainable Development at Universities: New Horizons", Peter Lang, PP86-97

Tucker,V.  ‘ Emerging Online Practices: An Endo-Aesthetic Approach to e-tutoring and e-learning’, in Wheeler, S (2009) Connected Minds Emerging Culture, The Rise of Cyber-culture in Online Learning.  Information Age Publishers, USA.


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Dr Jennie Winter, Professor Debby Cotton, Ms Vivien Grant.


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Ms Viv Grant, Dr Jennie Winter, Dr Debby Cotton, Dr Peter Hopkinson, Plymouth University and University of Bradford


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Viv Tucker, Alan Hutchison and Graeme Horton