Dr Witold Tatkiewicz

Dr Witold Tatkiewicz

Research Fellow

Peninsula Medical School (Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry)


M.Sc. in Materials Science 2010, Graduation with Highest Honours
Faculty of MaterialsScience and Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
Thesis title: “Laboratory tests and functionality of hip joint implants made of various polymeric materials”

PhD. in Materials Science 2015, Cum Laude honours and International Doctorate mention
Faculty of Chemistry, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain
Thesis title: “Two-dimensional engineering of molecular nanoparticles for biological applications”

Research interests

Social Networks, Simulations, Serious Games
also: Materials Science, Bioinformatics

1.           Geringer J, Tatkiewicz W, Rouchouse G.Wear behavior of PAEK, poly(aryl-ether-ketone), under physiological conditions,outlooks for performing these materials in the field of hip prosthesis. Wear.2011;271(11-12):2793-2803. doi:10.1016/j.wear.2011.05.034.

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