Dr Xavier Vazhappilly Francis

Dr Xavier Vazhappilly Francis

Senior Software Developer- Server-side Programming (Linux)



2015-Present   Senior Software Developer (UAE-Ocean Project)

2008-2015 Air pollution and Meteorological Modeller at University of Hertfordshire
2004-2008 PhD Atmospheric Physics (IIT Kharagpur, India)


Phd Atmospheric Sciences

Teaching interests


Atmospheric Modelling

Research interests

Overthe past seven years his research has to provide a better understanding andmodelling of atmospheric processes that drive the destiny of atmosphericcomponents and their impacts on environment, human health and future climate. This involves theoretical modelling,analysis of detailed numerical model simulations of physical processes, anddirect analyses of observations. This work underpins the development ofstate-of-the-science numerical models, which integrate understanding of thevarious processes. In the current position he develops modelvalidation strategies, data assimilation methodologies in NEMO model and maintainssoftware on the HPC cluster forming part of the UAEOcean project funded by thegovernment of the United Arab Emirates.

Dr Xavier Francis has been involved inseveral national and international research collaborations. He co-ordinatedand lead the WRF-CMAQ air quality forecasting system funded by NCAS ( https://sci.ncas.ac.uk/airquality/ ),UK (July 2014 – July 2015). He worked as Co-principal Investigator of the CMAQdevelopment for National modelling at the University of Hertfordshire incollaboration with Kings College, London, which co-ordinated by RICARDO-AEA andfunded by DEFRA (2011-2015). He had experience in working with Europeancommission FP7 projects such as MEGAPOLI ( http://megapoli.dmi.dk/ ) co-ordinatedby DMI, Denmark, (2008-2010) and TRANSPHORM ( http://www.transphorm.eu/ ) co-ordinatedby University of Hertfordshire, UK, 2009-2014 as a primary contact for regionalmesoscale modelling. He worked closely with Environment Agency, UK byparticipating in CREMO ( http://www.cremo.org/ ) andestimates using the comprehensive model CMAQ of PM2.5 reductions under futureregulation project. He actively participated in DEFRA’s Model Inter-comparison Exerciseas well as in Air Quality Modelling Evaluation International Initiatives (AQMEII, http://aqmeii.jrc.ec.europa.eu/ )which promote research on regional air quality model evaluation across Europeanand North American atmospheric modelling communities.

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