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Dr Zannagh Hatton

School of Nursing and Midwifery (Faculty of Health and Human Sciences)


Zannagh is a Research Fellow- in the Drug and Alcohol Research Unit, School of Applied Psychosocial Sciences, Faculty of Health, University of Plymouth. She has an interest in opiate and alcohol abuse, co-existing mental health problems and the different treatment journeys and pathways of recovery available for this client group. Aside from occasional forays into the world of forensics and NHS research as a means to broaden her research experience, Zannagh has been with the University of Plymouth since the mid nineteen nineties.

Zannagh's background is predominately psycho-social having worked with young offenders and young drug users within mental health and forensic teams and within clinical settings / secure units. Her passion however remains with the street car culture predominately populated by young men aged 17-25 which largely stems from having an upbringing surrounded by cars and motorcycles and a father who was an early exponent of car modification or 'moddin'.  From this she has developed an interest in how people travel and use varying modes of transport other than a means of merely travelling from A to B. Living in a rural part of Cornwall with her children, she retains a vicarious association with the Boy Racers across the westcountry, is an avid reader and enthusiastically cooks in a way which belies her Italian heritage and energetically gardens, more often than not accompanied by a range of chicken. She also tackles DIY in her spare time and has developed a precarious relationship with ladders over the years.  


LdV VET Certificate Working in Community Mental Health Care
PhD The Tarmac Cowboys: an ethnographic examination of the culural world of Boy Racers
BSc (Hons) Psychology
BSc (Hons) Sociology & Criminal Justice
PG Dip Sports Psychology
PGCE Health Education & Practice
MSc Social Research

Professional membership

M ember of NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement
Member of Mental Health Research Network
Member of Peninsula Public Health Network

Teaching interests

Improving opportunities for the access to Trauma informed and Trauma specific training for adults working with vulnerable people 

Qualitative Methodologies

Practicalities associated with data collection and fieldwork in ethnographic studies

Research interests

Comorbid trauma and substance misuse
Dual Diagnosis
Triggers, barriers and facilitators to drug and alcohol treatment services for older adults 
The impact of parental drug and alcohol dependency on children and adolescents within the family
The Contemporary Cultural World of Boy Racers & Street Car Culture
The Impact of Early Intervention Services in Young People with Mental Health Difficulties in Particular Those Experiencing First Episode Psychosis
Opiate & Alcohol Abuse
Psychological Therapies and their Place in the Treatment of PTSD

Other research

1999: Examining the effectiveness of Government Social Inclusion policies relating to families and young children in Cornwall 1999-2005....across the disciplines of Education, Health,Social Services and the Voluntary sector.
1999:Investigating the impact of GP Referrral Programmes on the general health of communities living within the Carrick District Council catchment.
2000: Roma Gypsies; blurring the boundaries between mainstream and the travellers ways of life.
2001: Youth Offending: an alternative to prison
2005: National Evaluation of Early Intervention for Psychosis Services: DUP, Service Engagement and Outcome (National EDEN Project)
2010-2012 Service Evaluation of Boswyns In-patient Unit for the assessment, detoxification and treatment of chronic alcohol and drug dependencies

Grants & contracts

2001: Measuring the Impact of Sure Start Programmes in Cornwall; an evaluation commissioned by CCC and collaboratively executed by the Evaluation, Research & Innovation Centre, University of Plymouth. £95,000
2002:  Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 'Words, Actions, Pictures' Exploring Childhood Deprivation Through the Eyes of a Child, The Trellya Project, £165,000
2005: Department of Health. Multi-site Research the National Evaluation of Early Intervention for Psychosis Services, DUP, Service Engagement and Outcome (The National EDEN Project) £1.639,940

Creative practice & artistic projects

Gatsobyter.......Collaborative venture with Arts Council England, Bristol City Council and Plan9 May-June 2005 bringing participatory cutting edge art projects to socially excluded youth.

Words, Actions, Pictures; Arts-based project working with socially excluded children aged under 13 in areas of high deprivation in West Cornwall. Providing a medium through which they can bring their personal histories to a wider audience with the aim to highlight where they need support and to implement positive changes in their personal and family lives.

Hatton, Z. (2005), examination of the culture of the Street Car in contemporary society. Bringing participatory Cutting Edge Art to socially excluded youth. Arts Council England, Bristol City Council & Plan9 
Hatton, Z (2005), The Tarmac Cowboys: PhD Lives, Guardian Education Supplement, (May 2005)
Hatton, Z. (2005), Postcards from Psychosis,  MHRN, UK
Hatton, Z. (2006), Minimising Myths, Misconceptionsn and Metaphors,  MHRN, UK
Hatton, Z. (2009) In Search of the Tarmac Cowboys in G.Letherby and G.Reynolds (Eds.) Gendered Journeys, Mobile Emotions, Ashgate Publishing, Surrey, UK
Hatton, Z. (2011) Playgrounds without Frontiers: Movin', Moddin', pushing the boundaries of pleasure in C.Jones,E.Barclay and R.I. Mawby (Eds.)  Problems of Pleasure:Leisure, Tourism and Crime, Routledge
Hatton, Z. and Coomber, R. (2012) When Problem Drug and Alcohol Use, Ageing and Rurality Co-occur: implications for intervention, in Journal of Addictions, Hindawi Press. Forthcoming

Reports & invited lectures

Hello to Heuristic play; academic paper Gloucestershire LEA & Community Partnership (2001)

Measuring the effectivenes of early intervention in Speech and Language Therapy with the 0-4 year olds....(Report for the National Sure Start Unit; 2003)

Ethnographical Research in Cornwall:  Researching the Street Car Culture, Policy & Periphery Conference (2004)

Evaluating the impact of Toy Libraries; (Report for Sure Start 2004-5)

The Culture of the Street Car ............Academic paper for Arts Council England (2005).

The Tarmac Cowboys............Academic paper for Arts Council England (2005)

The Tarmac Cowboys.....interview for Graduate Life (the Independent Newspaper)

Evaluating the "Life Change programme" academic paper examining the impact of an innovative scheme for the training and rehabilitation of young offenders (the Home Office 2003)