Online module choice for optional modules and the Plymouth Plus module

Depending on the requirements of your subject, you may be asked to choose optional modules at the start of your course. In addition, we require all first-year students to undertake a Plymouth Plus module as part of your first-year course of study.

The Plymouth Plus module sits within an intensive learning period the first four weeks of the second semester, in your first year. It is designed to widen the academic offer by bringing together students from different courses, with different outlooks and knowledge, to research and investigate a real world or discipline-based problem.

The number of compulsory and optional modules varies from course to course and likewise, the number of Plymouth Plus modules on offer will vary. Some of you will find that you have a full compulsory course due to the requirements of your particular subject area and that the Plymouth Plus module is a set module.

If you have no optional modules you will not have to complete online module choice. Where your course includes optional modules or you are offered a choice of Plymouth Plus modules, you will need to complete online module choice.

You can access online module choice once you have completed online enrolment. The facility will be open from 18 August 2018 and will close on 28 September 2018.

To access online module choice, follow the link below and then click on your course title. Please follow the instructions on the page to make your choices. You will not be able to access the module choice pages before the date above and we would strongly advise waiting until you have been given module information by the academic staff from your course during induction week before making your choice (with the exception of some students who are advised to make their choices before arrival).

You cannot change your option choice online once you have completed the process. If you change your mind, you will be able to request a module change via your faculty office but you will not be able to request any changes online.

If you have a Plymouth Plus option you will be asked to rank your Plymouth Plus modules in order of preference. You will be initially linked to your first choice, but where a Plymouth Plus module is oversubscribed as at the close of the module choice exercise on 28 September 2018, you may be assigned to an alternative module.

We will do our best to allocate you to your highest ranked choice but please be aware that we cannot guarantee that you will be allocated your first choice of Plymouth Plus module.

Your faculty will look at oversubscribed modules and reallocate module choices during the week commencing 1 October 2018. You will be able to view the module folder for your confirmed Plymouth Plus module choice on 8 October 2018 via the DLE.