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Find your place with the University of Plymouth and receive University-guaranteed accommodation

What are my options?

We are lucky here at Plymouth that we are a university that has enough accommodation for all our students so please do not worry that you will not find something suitable. We offer a great variety of halls of residence to choose from, all of which offer a safe and friendly environment, are close to our main campus, near city centre amenities.

We have rooms available in our University-managed halls of residence which include a number of standard, en-suite and studio rooms, all self-catered, offering a range of options and prices to suit different needs. 

Alternatively, if you do not wish to live in a halls environment, we have a database of private houses that are inspected and approved for quality and safety by the accommodation office. Most of these student houses are close to the campus and you would be living with others that are studying here at Plymouth.

University-managed halls of residence

If you book here, you will benefit from a Residence Life team who organise regular events for the halls community and live-in Hall Volunteers who provide peer support for our residents, as well as an accommodation office located in the heart of campus who are able to assist you throughout the year.  

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