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The Residence Life team provides support and advice to help integrate students into their first year at university and their new home. We are here to be a friendly face that students can approach whilst staying in our halls of residence.

We also build programmes of events and activities to enhance our new students’ social and living experiences, contributing to their overall growth. We work collaboratively with students and hall teams to help achieve a harmonious living experience. Together we make these lively communities safe, supportive and inspiring.

Hall teams

Hall Officer

Our Hall Officers are responsible for supervising the Hall Assistants in each residence, leading development activities and building a sense of community within the Halls of Residence. 

Hall Assistants (HA)

Hall Assistants are members of the Residence Life team. These HAs live in halls alongside students and have been trained to assist residents, support hall operations, build a community, uphold university policy and address emergency situations. HAs serve as information resources, peer advisors and student leaders and are there to help their residential students make the most of their community experience.

"As a Halls Assistant, I am part of the Residence Life team which is here to ensure the safety and welfare of all residents, offer general advice and information, and be available as a first point of contact. I really enjoy my role as it provides me with the opportunity to engage with all kinds of students from all kinds of different courses and backgrounds. Being amongst others and also being responsible for organising halls events, this is the perfect opportunity for everyone to get to know more people and to make friends for life. I would recommend everyone to start off university in halls of residence – it’s great!" Robbins HA.

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