Accommodation requirements for students with disabilities

The term disability covers a range of conditions including hearing and visual impairments, mental health difficulties, mobility impairments, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and 'unseen' disabilities such as epilepsy or diabetes. If you have specific accommodation requirements linked to a disability or disabilities please contact the University's Disability Services Team who liaise closely with the University’s Residence Life team.

We have a number of purpose built rooms for students with disabilities

Changes to the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)

Significant changes to the DSA administered through Student Finance England were previously announced.

The changes have meant a rebalancing of responsibility between Higher Education Institutes (HEI’s) and government with HEIs funding and providing certain aspects of disability related support previously funded via the DSA. Additional accommodation costs are no longer funded by DSA where the accommodation is run by the University or its agent.

If you feel that you have additional accommodation costs due to a disability i.e. you require a studio flat (self-contained bathroom and kitchen) or ensuite provision please contact Disability Services to find out how we can help you with any additional costs.