Postgraduate Writing Group
  • ; Having trouble staying motivated in your writing?
  • ; Need more protected time and space to write?

The Writing Café and Learning Development want to help out! We are running a regular Postgraduate Writing Group, specifically to address these issues for postgraduate students here at Plymouth.

Dates have been set (see below) for the group to meet for up to three hours every other week, starting on 15 January. Please note, there is no ‘teaching’ or instruction in these sessions by staff, only mutual support, and writing with a shared sense of purpose. Research indicates that many postgraduate students who participate regularly in writing groups benefit from the protected space and time, and experience increased productivity, motivation and momentum (Mahler, et al., 2013).

Whilst the format of the sessions are flexible, other groups often involve: goal setting for the session, writing, peer feedback, target setting for the next session, as well as developing a supportive community of writers. So, get the dates below in your diary and come along for as little or long as you can manage.

Date and location

15 January 2018, 1300 - 1600, Fitzroy Building Room 212

29 January 2018, 1300 - 1600, Rolle Building Room 114

5 February 2018, 1300 - 1600, Rolle Building Room 214

19 February 2018, 1300 - 1600, Rolle Building Room 207

5 March 2018, 1300 - 1600, Babbage Building Room 018

19 March 2018, 1300 - 1600, Babbage Building Room 007

Immersive Writing Workshops

This half or full day writing workshop explores the multiple ways in which researchers have to write in order to develop and communicate their work, from brainstorming ideas to polishing final drafts. Participants will be able to raise the topics that they want to work on, whether that it is honing their writing skills or overcoming barriers that inhibit their progress, with practical tips and ideas discussed to develop these areas.

The full-day workshop will look more closely at constructing arguments and understanding what makes ‘good’ academic writing both in general and within your discipline. In the second part of the day participants will be asked to bring along some of their own writing, and offer feedback to each other. Published texts will also be considered, again to look at their relevant communication strengths and weaknesses, and drawing out elements that can inform our own writing.

Utilising a range of individual and group writing exercises and activities throughout, as well as creating a supportive environment to discuss topics around writing, share approaches and processes, and provide peer feedback, this workshop will kick-start your writing.

Facilitator: Learning Development Team

Applicability: All research students and research staff

Course dates and times: alternate half-day (0930 - 1230) and full-day (0930 - 1600) workshops each 

17 October 2017, 0930 - 1600

21 November 2017, 0930 - 1600

22 January 2018, 0930 - 1230

20 February 2018, 0930 - 1600

20 March 2018, 0930 - 1230

24 April 2018, 0930 - 1600

7 June 2018, 0930 - 1230

12 July 2018, 0930 - 1600

Please contact the Doctoral College to book onto one of these sessions.