Reasonable adjustments

Reasonable adjustment

Reasonable adjustments: all education providers have a duty to make anticipatory ‘reasonable adjustments’ to make sure disabled students are not discriminated against. Where a disabled person is at a substantial disadvantage in comparison with people who are not disabled, there is a duty to take reasonable steps to remove that disadvantage by:- changing provisions, criteria or practices, altering, removing or providing a reasonable alternative means of avoiding physical features and providing auxiliary aids. An explanation of reasonable adjustments and examples are available. A guidance report  from the Students Loan Company (SLC)  details  how to support students with additional needs.

Additional information relating to the provision of reasonable adjustments for students training in regulated professions (e.g health, nursing and medicine).

HEOPS fitness standard guides  have been developed in consultation with the statutory regulatory bodies for a range of regulated professions is available.

The Equitable Challenge Unit have produced useful guidance : Understanding the interaction of competence standards and reasonable adjustments.

Reasonable Adjustments Review Panel (RARP): this panel can be convened to discuss the needs of a student with additional needs prior to the offer of a place or during their time of study at the university. Terms of reference for the RARP panel.  

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