Wellbeing support - what can I expect at a wellbeing consultation?

We will ask you about the information outlined in your online self-referral form and will ask you to tell us in more detail about your circumstances. We will also ask you about how you are taking care of your health, wellbeing and academic progress. 

We will look at what changes you can make to improve your wellbeing and develop realistic, achievable strategies to help you to feel better and increase your resilience. We believe that the biggest changes begin with the smallest steps and we will support you to move forward.

We may work through some strategies to help improve how you are feeling, including ideas about how to manage anxiety or low mood; how to devise a daily routine that supports your emotional health and we may set some goals to help you measure your progress. We may also be recommend some high quality online self-help resources.

In order to get the most from your appointment, it will be useful to think more about the following questions before you come:

  • What do I hope to get out of the sessions?
  • How would I know when things are better?
  • How have I been coping until now?
  • What am I doing already that is supportive of my wellbeing?