Higher Education Achievement Report overview

Find out about the different sections of the HEAR and what appears in them.

If you have a question which is not answered below, please get in touch with us via email at hear@plymouth.ac.uk.

The following descriptions show what appears in the different sections of a HEAR. Please refer to the mock HEAR report to see an example of each section.

Section 1: Information identifying the holder of the qualification

Basic student details, such as name, student reference number and date of birth.

Section 2: Information identifying the qualification

Qualification details such as name of qualification, main field of study and name of awarding institution (i.e. The University of Plymouth).

Section 3: Information on the level of the qualification

Level of study, duration, and a link to the University of Plymouth website for searching for entry requirements.

Please note: Section ‘3.1 - HESA level of qualification’ will sometimes display ‘First degree with honours’ next to it if this is your first degree. Please be aware that this is not the achieved result, but is the HESA level of qualification. It will show the same text regardless of the overall final classification on the award. The final achieved result (once the course has completed) will show in section ‘4.5 - Overall classification of the qualification’.

Section 4: Information on the contents and results gained

Details on the programme description/details, individual grades/marks/credits obtained, grading scheme and overall qualification result.

Please note: Only modules which have been passed will show on the HEAR. Any modules which have not been passed will be omitted.

Section 5: Information on the function of the qualification

A link to the Plymouth University website for accessing information on further study and professional status (if applicable).

Section 6: Additional information

Verifiable extra-curricular activities, awards and prizes. This is split into the following three sub-sections:
6.1.1 Additional awards
6.1.2 Additional recognised activities
6.1.3 University, professional and UPSU prizes

Please be aware that for an activity to appear in section 6.1 of the HEAR it needs to adhere to the following policy: Protocol for Recognising PU HEAR Section 6 Achievements.

Section 7: Certification of the HEAR

Date of award, Vice-Chancellor’s signature and the University of Plymouth seal.

Section 8: Information on the National Higher Education System

Description of higher education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, diagram of higher education levels.

If you have a question which is not answered by the above descriptions or the information found in the FAQs, please get in touch with us via email at hear@plymouth.ac.uk.