Reception and parking

Our services

The University reception, based in the Roland Levinsky Building, provides the support services required to ensure a safe, friendly and accessible environment to students, staff and visitors. The reception staff provide signposting and directional information along with advice on all manner of requests. The staff here manage the limited visitor's parking provision. Requests for visitor parking should always be made in advance via the sponsoring department/directorate.

The University is committed to discouraging the use of private cars, however, it continues to permit very limited car parking on campus for staff and visitors – in recognition of the fact that some do not have a realistic transport alternative.  

Only students with mobility impairment will normally be permitted to park on the Plymouth campus.

The University operates a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) enforcement system to assist in maintaining an orderly and safe parking facility on its campus. The enforcement system is managed and operated in partnership with First parking LLP and the security department at the University.