Office 365: Committee sites


This information is for University staff members

Committee sites are available for managing university wide committee papers.  A committee site allows you to publish your membership, agendas, papers and minutes for committee members to access. You can easily manage who has access to your committee information and publish everything in one central place.

How do I access Committee sites?

You can access University committee sites from a central committee portal:

How to request an Office 365 site

Fill in the online form to request a Team, Research, Committee, Cross Institutional or Social site

Click Raise a request and choose Office 365 site request

Login to IT Self Service

Staff training courses

We run training for staff that are managing and publishing information in an Office 365 site.

Site administrator training

It is recommended that site administrators who will be setting up and managing sites attend the Office 365: Setting up your University of Plymouth site course. There are two additional courses for site administrators:

Working with permissions in Office 365 sites

Office 365: Next steps with team sites

Site member training

It is recommended that anyone who is a site member and needs to upload and manage documents in a site attend the Office 365: Using your University of Plymouth site course.