Adult Nursing Degree Apprenticeship

Programme overview

Our Adult Nursing degree apprenticeship will prepare you to care for adults of all ages with acute/long-term illness, in a multitude of healthcare settings. You'll be ready to play a vital role in health promotion and disease prevention, as well as nursing sick and injured adults back to health. Working closely with professionals, patients and their families, you’ll gain the experience and skills needed to join the 96 per cent of our graduates working as professional nurses.*

You will distinguish yourself with a degree from one of the first institutions to offer the new Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) standards for nursing education and you’ll practice your clinical and communication skills both in the clinical environment and the safe, supervised setting of our Clinical Skills Resource Centre (CSRC). You will have the option to study at Plymouth, our Knowledge Spa Campus, Truro or at our new School of Nursing in Exeter.

Programme details

Year 1

Your first year introduces the basics of nursing and helps you develop key skills and knowledge to prepare you for practice. You’ll do two practice placements which give you the chance to experience working in different healthcare settings. Gaining insights into multi-professional teamwork within healthcare, you’ll learn that nursing is not just about the ‘doing’, but also about the thinking, reflection and provision of evidence to enable you to provide a safe and positive experience of caring.

Core modules:

  • ADN401 Core Concepts of Health
  • ADN402 Introduction to Adult Nursing Care
  • NRS403 Ways of Knowing
  • NRS404 Professional Issues and Clinical Risk
  • NRS405 Biology for Nursing Practice
  • NRS406 Skills and Practice for Nursing

Year 2

In your second year, your enhanced knowledge will allow you to make more contributions to assessing, planning and delivering safe and compassionate person-centred care. You’ll have an increased responsibility in practice, and will develop competence in your core skills in hospital and community settings, public health, acute care, assessment and care delivery. You’ll learn to critically analyse and interpret data then apply it to your professional practice, enabling you to measure and deliver high quality care.

Core modules:

  • ADN202 Adult Nursing 2: Developing Nursing Care
  • ADN203 The Biological and Therapeutic Basis for Adult Nursing Care
  • ADN204 Skills and Practice for Adult Nursing (2)
  • ADN205 Promoting Public Health and Wellbeing
  • NRS204 Knowledge and Skills for Evidence-Informed Decision Making (1)

Final year

The learning, teaching and practice in your final year becomes more challenging, with more opportunities to show your commitment to delivering a high standard of care. Your knowledge will be more specialised, demanding higher level skills of synthesis, analysis and evaluation. You’ll develop vital management and leadership skills and have the courage to speak out for your patient. Your final year placements will focus on your transition from student to professional and your fitness for practice as a registered nurse.

Core modules:

  • ADN301 Adult Nursing: Competence in Nursing Care
  • ADN302 Law and Ethics Applied to Nursing Practice
  • ADN303 Year 3 - Skills and Practice for Adult Nursing (3)
  • NRS301 Management, Leadership and Transition to Professional Practice
  • NRS302 Knowledge and Skills for Evidence-Informed Decision Making (2)
Please note that programme structures and individual modules are subject to amendment from time to time as part of the University’s curriculum enrichment programme and in line with changes in the University’s policies and requirements. 

Keziah Lagor - BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing

You must be dedicated! Every day I meet such wonderful patients who deserve the very best, high quality care which I believe can only be provided by people who are committed to their work… if it’s something you really are interested in, then go for it!

Find out more about Keziah's experience

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