Economics Clearing places 2018

Find economics courses available through Clearing at the University of Plymouth for September 2018 entry

If you're worried that you don't meet the entry requirements for your chosen course, or you want to check course availability, contact our Clearing hotline today:

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Economics at Plymouth

The study of economics is central to understanding many aspects of commercial and organisational activity.

Studying business economics will provide you with a firm grounding in the underlying theories and analysis of micro and macro behaviour, empowering you with the knowledge and skills to apply this to real-world policy. You’ll learn to understand the decision-making process within organisations and develop your critical thinking ready for the business economist environment.

Ever wondered how financial markets work and how they impact global economies? What is the relationship between prices, inflation and interest rates?

Studying financial economics, you’ll get a solid grounding in the fundamentals before focusing on specific areas. You’ll explore the movement of money, how to make more money, and the risks involved. With our emphasis on building up knowledge and confidence, you’ll become a practical, analytical and independent graduate with a bright future.

  • Choose an economics course to suit you from the wide range of single, major and minor undergraduate degree courses available. All named awards share a common core syllabus, which stresses the integration of theory and evidence in economic analysis and research.
  • The combination of academic excellence and practical knowledge we encourage on this course will help you stand out when it comes to entering the world of work.
  • Opening doors to a wide range of career roles including industry economist, financial risk analyst, credit analyst and chartered accountant.
  • Our accomplished and analytically-adept graduates are snapped up for high-flying and varied careers with KPMG, HM Treasury, Ernst and Young, and other organisations.