Photography Clearing places 2018

Find photography courses available through Clearing at the University of Plymouth for September 2018 entry

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Photography at Plymouth

Studying Photography with the University of Plymouth offers you opportunities to investigate your potential in the medium of photography in both breadth and depth.

It encourages you to develop an individual programme of study, enabling the articulation of ambitious photographic statements in response to original research and investigation.

Through an ability to explore not only image-making, but the communication and context of images, and the fundamental relationship between history, theory and practice, you will develop a clarity of personal statement with your photography and an engagement with the world around you.

  • Students who graduate from these programmes could typically work within an extremely diverse range of career opportunities, due to the emphasis of study being placed on your individual interests.
  • A key feature of our course is the space to experiment. During the three years, there is a great deal of focus on the way you develop your photography, both in practice and in ideas.
  • Take advantage of our stunning location in the South West. This natural resource will inspire your creative practice with its rural and city landscapes, moors and coastline.
  • An important aspect of our courses is the development of you as a critically aware contemporary photographer. This means that you can move between ways of working that span the commercial and artistic worlds. The life of a contemporary practitioner is varied and multi-faceted, and the skills taught on this course help you to navigate this exciting world.