Sporting Excellence Scholar: Joshua Wilcher

Australian born Joshua Wilcher first took to the basketball court at just six years old, and since that moment he has never stopped playing – despite cricket being the focus sport in his home country.

Joshua's talent was soon realised at school where he was selected to join a basketball programme which ran alongside his academic studies, giving him the opportunity to tour and play some of the best school teams in the United States.

"Being a professional basketball player was the only thing I wanted to do from a young age. As the competition got harder, the more I seemed to enjoy the challenge."

Enjoying the challenge led Joshua to achieve some fantastic results - in 2012 he won the SEABL Youth Player of the Year and in 2013/14 he was named the England Division 1 Player of the Year!

Plymouth University Raiders head coach, Jay Marriott, recognised a great opportunity for Joshua and the club to work together in Plymouth where Joshua would play in the British Basketball League - and our Sporting Excellence Scholarship helped clinch the deal.

"For me Plymouth University came highly recommended and it ticked all the boxes for me in terms of course, scholarship, location, coaching and facilities."

Remaining true to his own advice - ‘follow your dreams no matter where they take you’ - Joshua travelled half way around the globe to embark on our BSc (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies with Psychology course.

Determined to succeed in his sporting and academic endeavours, he works hard to balance his activities by training early morning, then attending lectures or writing coursework, and finally finishing the day with another training session. He believes his secret to success lies in his attitude:

"I work hard, remain determined and I'm never afraid to ask questions."

For Joshua his sporting Excellence Scholarship enables him to confidently focus on both his education and training, removing the financial burden.

“Thanks to this incredible opportunity and a fantastic support network of tutors, coaches, players and students, I've learnt a lot about myself and made friends for life.”

Joshua is a valued player in the Raiders British Basketball League first team. When competing at the Plymouth Pavilions Joshua plays number four, focusing on shooting and working as a team with his Raiders family in every game. Hoping to take the Raiders through to the play offs, Joshua is constantly working to improve the game for himself and team mates.

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