Sporting Excellence Scholars, our alumni: rugby scholars

Brett Beukeboom - Rugby

Course: BA (Hons) History

At the age of 17 Brett became a Canadian International rugby player. From a family of elite athletes Brett always had sport on his mind and with the help from Plymouth University he was able to stay on the top of his game.

With the help and support from his scholarship he was able to tackle his hectic programme of training and studying.

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Molly Humphreys - Rugby 

Course: BSc (Hons) Psychology 

Molly is originally from Swansea and moved down to Plymouth to study Psychology in a destination that is recognised for it's university courses and sporting facilities. 

During her time at university she participated in BUCS competition and helped bring home the first Varsity victory in 17 years. 

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Charlotte Notman - Rugby

Course: BA (Hons) Photography

At the age of 17, Charlotte had the privilege of playing in the England U20 squad. During her time at university she was able to balance studying with playing premiership rugby which led to her success having represented the UK in the 2014 World University Rugby Championships in Brazil.

Charlotte also played in the Varsity competition bringing home the first win for the ladies rugby in 17 years.

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