Assertive Bargaining
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  • Room 103-104, Marine Station, Artillery Place, Plymouth PL4 0LU

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Two half-day workshops will include networking and refreshments. Practical skills will be refined by feedback after a week of exploratory trialling in work and life settings.

This pair of half-day workshops aims to equip attendees with a mental framework of emotional dynamics and a transferable conversational skill to enhance performance at work and presence at home. 

The Emotional Logic method uniquely informs practical solutions by identifying the personal values that drive emotional reactions to change, disappointments, setbacks and hurts, providing the understanding needed to harness and turn that emotional energy into an improved work-life blend. Improved performance leads to expected benefits for both organisation and individuals that include increased and sustainable productivity, reduced sickness and absence, improved workplace morale, staff retention and attraction of top talent, less retraining cost inefficiencies, and improved problem-solving within a ‘safe team work’ environment.

After these workshops, you will:

  • be equipped with a mindset and the conversational skills to manage change, disappointments, setbacks and hurts constructively
  • have discovered how the Emotional Logic tools enable you to learn the mental framework and share its adaptive insights with others
  • value the conversational skills in leadership that can turn your own and other people’s unpleasant emotions into positive action
  • know how to embed Emotional Logic into the ethos and practice of an organisation.

Practical learning outcomes - you will be able to:

  • use the concept of ‘emotional Stepping Stones for adjustment’ to interpret the emotional tensions that may complicate situations
  • name ‘hidden losses’ behind a disappointment or setback, and interpret these constructively as personal values
  • recognise how groups function in chaos, complexity or simplicity, and use Emotional Logic language and tools to resolve chaotic situations into exploratory cooperation
  • make a solution-focused, values-based action plan in a group situation that builds relationships while managing change.

These workshops are for people in, or aspiring to, leadership or HR roles in entrepreneurial enterprises of any size. They operationalise the modern neuroscience insights that have challenged more than two millennia of perceived stoic wisdom, by showing how emotion partnered with reason improves the quality of action-planning decisions in social settings.


  • Full delegate fee: £100 for both sessions (each session is only £50, with both sessions to be paid in advance; it is not possible to only attend one session).
  • Discounted fee: £70 (Members of Plymouth Social Enterprise Network, Improving Lives, 110 Club and Formation Zone)
  • University of Plymouth students and staff: Free but limited spaces. A refundable deposit of £10 is required to book your space - this is then refunded to you after attending the event.


Please register your place via the eStore link above.

Online survey

We would appreciate it if you could please complete an online survey in advance (and after the course) called the Emotional Logic Development Profile (ELDP) – using this link:

It takes only about seven minutes and your participation is voluntary. This profile will enable you and us to measure the impact of understanding your emotions differently on your ability to respond to changing situations. All of your responses are kept confidential.

Thank you very much for your time and cooperation (Dr Trevor Griffiths).

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Today's events

Thursday 4 October 2018

  • Nuancing ‘loss of comfort zone’ 
  • Introducing the new person-centred Corley Model for enhancing performance
  • Applying Emotional Logic with the Corley Model to a common business scenario
  • Demonstrating and practising the Emotional Logic communication and involvement skills for assertive bargaining as leaders
  • Preparation to use the Emotional Logic method in an exploratory way over the next week

Thursday 11 October 2018

  • Feedback of experiences from the previous week, and relevant revision
  • How the ‘Staceygram’ embeds Emotional Logic in chaos-complexity-simplicity change management
  • Applying the learning to a second common business scenario
  • Discussing opportunities for further review and support, senior executive away-days, and learning pathway to train an Emotional Logic coach in your organisation


Richard Byatt: Rich brings over 30 years’ experience of systems and business analysis, solutions generation and deployment, team and project leadership and coaching within both commercial and charity sectors. He desires to help bring more hopeful order out of chaos through collaborative, creative and fruitful exploration and harnessing of the full potential stored up in individuals and businesses, and to realise transformed lives and thriving businesses through positive change. Rich likes to think he gets on well with most people and has a sense of humour that often helps build relationship but rarely offends! For further information, please see

Trevor Griffiths: Trevor is the Founder of the Emotional Logic Centre, now teaching internationally the personal development method he pioneered when formerly a GP. His method enables assertive leadership to bring about improved workplace performance with a focus on work-life blend to ensure sustainable staff commitment when facing changes and decisions. His main focus is on executive and staff health, workforce retention and workplace morale through improved effectiveness. Trevor is married with two daughters and four grandchildren, so he knows about managing demand.

Tony Hodges: Tony brings 30+ years of board-level experience into The Emotional Logic Centre as an Ethos and Marketing Consultant. He specialises in conversational coaching, intuitive solutions, and operational connections benchmarking professional service providers. His skills include underwriting, capital and finance solutions, sales, mediation, and training senior finance executives. He has a passion to see people grow from good to great, and shine from the inside out in their roles, encouraging nuanced solutions that promote work disciplines as well as confidence. He delivers in not for profit as well as SME and family business sectors.

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