Atlantic Project: Cinaesthesia and Charles Darwin
  • Millennium Building

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In this two-part evening join Imperfect Cinema (2010-present) and German-English collaboration of Eberhard Kranemann and Matthew Emmett. Imperfect Cinema is a social-participatory platform for film, sound and the moving image based in the city. From 18.30-20.00, the group will feature short films from workshops and open access call outs, responding to the thematic concerns of The Atlantic Project, and reflecting on lost histories,

cinemas and the future of Union Street. 

Kranemann + Emmett will take the audience mixed-reality performance, Charles Darwin, 20.00-21.00. Their projects are ongoing artwork-events evolving hybrid visions through new media and electronic soundscapes, comprised of digital sampling, 3D scanning, interaction and feedback. Darwin started his exploration into the important science of evolution on board HMS Beagle, setting sail on 27 December 1831 from Plymouth harbour. In 1968, Kranemann performed Pissoff/Handaktion with Joseph Beuys at Creamcheese, Düsseldorf where another reality came into being. Kranemann is an innovator in audiovisual art, cofounding electronic music band Kraftwerk. Throughout his career, Kranemann has pursued the origination of new worlds. Emmett (University of Plymouth) is an architect and artist specialising in immersive installations, sound and interdisciplinary research in situated cognition, with performances at the Tate Modern, London, in Germany, Russia and Japan.

Date: Sunday 21 October
Time: 18.30—21.00
Location: Millennium Building
Tickets: £5 Combined, £4 Concession Combined

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The Atlantic Project will see new, site-specific art works in unconventional contexts and outdoor locations across Plymouth, from Friday 28 September to Sunday 21 October, 2018.

Still taken from 'Charles Darwin' by Eberhard Kranemann and Mathew Emmett

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