FSBI2015: The Biology, Ecology and Conservation of Elasmobranchs
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    Sherwell Centre and Portland Square Building, Plymouth University

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The aim of this symposium by the FSBI (an International Society for Fish Biology) is to bring together scientists interested in the study of fundamental biological characteristics and the ecological and evolutionary relationships of elasmobranchs (cartilaginous fishes such as sharks, skates and rays), including studies focusing on their population trends and conservation status. 

The topics covered will span levels of biological organisation from molecules and cells to systems biology, and from individuals, populations and up to communities and ecosystems. The meeting aims to highlight significant recent advances and will identify new and interdisciplinary areas likely to make a key impact in the near future for improved conservation.

Key themes

  • Genomics and molecular biology
  • Developmental biology and evolutionary ecology
  • Physiology and adaptations to changing environments
  • Movements, behaviour and habitat use
  • Population genetics, structure and distributions including phylogeography
  • Ecological relationships, community and food web ecology
  • Fisheries biology, ecology and management
  • Conservation
  • Methodological advances; e.g. biotelemetry/biologging; molecular markers

Invited speakers

  • Dr Julia Baum (shark population ecology, fisheries, conservation), University of Victoria, Canada. 
  • Dr Kevin Feldheim (elasmobranch molecular genetics, population structure, mating systems), The Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, USA 
  • Dr Sylvie Mazan (elasmobranch genome biology, evolution), University of Paris and Station Biologique de Roscoff, France
Contact the Events Team for any enquiries about this event. Visit the FSBI website for further information. 
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