Integration: Making it Real

7 March 2016

Plymouth University held a conference to showcase how a pioneering integration of healthcare, social and wellbeing services is making a positive difference to the city. 

Integration: Making it Real provides an opportunity for local and national health and social care experts to discuss how the integration, known as One System – One Budget, has benefited Plymouth. Comprising the University, Plymouth City Council (PCC), Livewell Southwest, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust and the North, East and West Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (NEW Devon CCG), One System – One Budget began in April 2015 when PCC and NEW Devon CCG combined their commissioning money to a sum of £462 million. 

To date, the funds have been used to begin to develop initiatives whereby people can access nurses, social workers, health and wellbeing professionals in one place within their locality, rather than having to ‘retell their story’ to numerous people across the city. This has resulted in a co-operative approach, where health and adult social care professionals are now all employed by one provider, Livewell Southwest coupled with co-location which facilitates the sharing of information, resulting in better outcomes for service users.

Integration: Making it Real took place all day and speakers include Professor Trish Livsey, Executive Dean of the University’s Faculty of Health and Human Sciences and Councillor Tudor Evans, Leader of Plymouth City Council, as well as other leading national specialists. 

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News release: Conference to showcase integration of health services (12 January 2016)