Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre: 2015 Industrial Solutions Event
  • Plymouth University

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This joint event, being held at Plymouth University with WEAF (the West of England Aerospace Forum) is your opportunity to come and see first-hand the cutting-edge PEMC facilities and discuss how you can use this outstanding capability for FREE until the end of March 2015 to help increase your company's competitiveness. There will also be the opportunity to meet and hear from large multi-national companies in the aerospace industry. 

During the event, we will explore the relevance and use of electron microscopy in precision engineering, aerospace, defence and manufacturing businesses. Not only will you get the opportunity to have a look around the PEMC and meet companies from across the region involved in the aerospace supply chain, but you will also hear from our experienced speakers who include:

  • Simon Young - Chief Executive of WEAF
  • Victor Arghyrou - UTC Aerospace Systems (why we use the PEMC)
  • Professor Neil James - Plymouth University (aircraft materials and accident investigations)
  • Kim Larsen - Oxford Instruments (using EBSD* to make a difference to your company)

* EBSD - Electron Backscatter Diffraction looks at the crystallographic orientation of anything with a crystalline structure (e.g. metal, geological materials etc) to help determine key properties such as strength, corrosion and fatigue.

In addition, if you are a small or medium sized company based in the South West, you may be able to get 12 hours of FREE support from the PEMC between now and the end of March 2015, thanks to the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF); so please bring along a sample/component on the day for us to analyse for you - we can help with:

  • improved quality control - objectively confirm precision measurements (e.g. plating thickness above) and precision finishes
  • product improvement - examine the performance of a new material in your existing product / optimise material use
  • process improvement - examine the effect of a new process on your components at high magnification
  • reverse engineering - what exactly is that metal component made of?
  • supply issues - how do these four stainless steel samples differ in their composition - which is best for our purposes?
  • identification of contaminants - what is that black spec on our component?
  • reduction of waste - by identifying and eliminating component and process failure
  • capturing high quality images for your use in promotional materials.

Please note that there will be a small charge to attend the event (£25 WEAF members, £35 non-WEAF members).

If you can't join us on the 12th, but would still like to discuss how you could use your 12 hours of free time with the electron microscopes, please feel free to contact Claire Pearce direct on 01752 588908 or 0800 052 5600 / email:
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