Qualitative development of a new quality of life questionnaire: The Severe Asthma Questionnaire
  • Room N12c, ITTC Building, Plymouth Science Park

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Approximately 4.3 million adults in the UK are currently being treated for asthma, with 5-10% of this population being treated for severe asthma. 

Unlike patients with mild/moderate asthma, patients with severe asthma continue to experience activity limiting symptoms, remain uncontrolled and are frequently hospitalised despite taking high doses of medication. In addition, to maintain the control they do have, patients with severe asthma often rely on oral corticosteroid tablets, which are associated with side effects including weight gain, osteoporosis, diabetes, anxiety and depression. In short, the experience of both symptoms and treatment for patients with severe asthma are very different compared to those with mild/moderate asthma.

Our initial qualitative research indicated that many of the burdens experienced by patients with severe asthma are not assessed by current health related quality of life (HRQoL) questionnaires. This can be partly explained as these questionnaires were validated for use in mild/moderate asthma, not severe asthma. 

Using these findings, a severe asthma specific HRQoL questionnaire was drafted, and presented to patient participants in a series of focus groups. The draft questionnaire underwent iterative changes based on participants’ constructive criticisms. 

In this seminar Joe Lanario will outline why accurate HRQoL questionnaires are needed and why current respiratory HRQoL questionnaires miss many of the burdens experienced by patients with severe asthma. He will also explain how a patient centred approach to questionnaire construction has led to the construction of a severe asthma specific HRQoL questionnaire with greater content validity compared to others.

Please email laura.gill@plymouth.ac.uk to book a place.

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