Research Festival: Changing the world one person at a time
  • Room 301, Link Building, University of Plymouth, PL4 8AA

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Many health problems, such as obesity and medically unexplained symptoms, can be treated using psychological approaches. Experts from the Cognition Institute show how scientific approaches to understanding human behaviour can help us lose weight and approach illnesses such as fibromyalgia in effective and exciting new ways.

Most of the interventions used every day are rooted in cutting-edge research that investigates the mechanisms which underpin human behaviour. We will also discuss training options available for healthcare professionals, and technological innovations to help services reach more people, all which draws from this robust research.

Gain insight into new ways of improving quality of life by supporting people to take care of their physical and mental health, with talks:

  • Using Functional Imagery Training (FIT) to tackle obesity by Professor Jackie Andrade, accompanied by a demonstration of the FIT tool’s hologram ‘Linda’

  • Supporting adults with visible difference: the use of FaceIT@home by Dr Alyson Norman accompanied by a demonstration of FaceIT

  • Body Reprogramming: the relationship between the body and mind to help illnesses with unexplained symptoms, by Professor Michael Hyland, accompanied by a demonstration.

Who is this event for?
This event will be suitable for healthcare professionals, including NHS staff, and University staff who may want to hear the latest research, and learn some techniques that can be applied in your own work.

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