Sub-TeraHertz Non-Destructive Testing
  • Lecture Theatre 005, Babbage Building

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The speaker for this Engineering Research Seminar is Dr Chris Mann.

In this talk, Chris will introduce a new non-destructive technique that uses millimetre wave passive imagery to inspect structures for defects or corrosion. These can be either metal or plastics and composites amongst other things. This will be accompanied with live demonstrations of the first product, the B1080. The B1080 is a passive imager operating at 250GHz. At this wavelength the contrast mechanisms are set by the unique physics associated with this wavelength. He will provide an introduction into this completely new capability.

Speaker biography

Dr Chris Mann is an applied physicist. His early research focused on the development and optimisation of millimetre wave and terahertz sensors and sources. In the late 80’s he worked at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) on NASA’s Upper Atmosphere research satellite helping to build the 183GHz water line radiometer for the Microwave Limb Sounder. This ground breaking instrument was at the time being used to understand the Ozone depletion and Global warming phenomena. In the 90’s he worked focused on submillimetre wave instrumentation culminating in the Worlds’ 2.5THz waveguide mixer who descendants fare currently flying aboard NASA’s AURA platform. He also development micromachining technology resulting in the first demonstration of a submillimetre wave silicon machining 500GHz radiometer funded by ESA.

In 2002 he was instrumental in establishing ESA’s first STARTIGER programme and was project leader for the first project based at the RAL. This project delivered a small compact passive terahertz imaging system. He was co-founder of the company ThruVision which took this technology and turned it into the first stand-off terahertz passive imager used in the security sector. Chris is still Chief Scientific Officer at ThruVision but as CTO of SubTeraNDT has helped the founder, Joe Dunne, to spin out the technology into the non-destructive testing field of corrosion under insulation and paints. The technology is also now finding interest in other areas such as life sciences and composites. Lately, his interest has moved into renewable energy and is co-founder and CEO of Bennamann Ltd a renewable energy solutions company. 

This seminar is open to all and no booking is required. Please contact for any queries.

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