UK Robotics Week
  • Portland Square Building

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The third UK Robotics Week takes place in the last week of June and the University is celebrating by hosting an open house event on Monday 25 June, comprising lab demonstrations, research presentations and keynote presentations.

From 10:00-12:00, you are welcome to a series of demonstrations in the adjacent area to the Plymouth Lecture Theatre to see robots in action. This will be followed by quick-fire research presentations on cutting-edge robotics research by the University‚Äôs PhD students and postdoctoral researchers at 13:00. Keynote presentations will round off the event.

This event is open to all and no booking is required - drop-in for any part of the programme in the Portland Square Building as you wish (subject to capacity). Please note that seating in the lecture theatre is available on a first-come-first-served basis.


10:00-12:00 - demonstrations and robots in action, venue: adjacent atria
  • iCub Robot
  • Pepper Robot - Fitbot
  • Pepper Robot (APRIL project)
  • Nao Robot (APRIL project)
  • Giraff Robot
  • Gummi Arm
  • Field Robotics LTD

12:00 - Buffet/lunch

13:00-15:00 - APRIL-EPIC research presentations, venue: Plymouth Lecture Theatre

  • Pontus Loviken: Schema Development for Sensorimotor Control
  • Asimina Marmpena: Emotional Bootstrap for Empathic Communication
  • Bahar Irfan: Social Learning through Contingent Interaction
  • Alexandre Antunes: Grounded Communication for Planning What to Say and What to Do
  • Oksana Hagen: Deep Learning of Hierarchical and Abstract Concepts
  • Gabriel Esteban Aguiar Noury: The Robotic Care Sector; An Ecosystem Takes Shape

15:00 - Coffee break

15:30-18:00 - Keynote presentations, venue: Plymouth Lecture Theatre

  • Alban Laflaquiere: Softbank Robotics Europe: Building intelligent humanoid robots
  • Ray Jones: EPIC project: Implementing the use of digital technologies, including robotics, in health and social care in Devon and Cornwall
  • Alessandra Sciutti: Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia: Humane Robots - the need for an Anthropomorphic Mind

18:00 - Event ends

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About the Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems (CRNS)

The CRNS, part of the University's Cognition Institute, builds on the world-leading and international excellence performance in the field of computer science, cognitive robotics and neural computation. Please visit the above link for further information.

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Today's events

Robotic resources

  • iCub robot

    Robotic resources

    iCub robot
  • SoftBank Pepper

    Robotic resources

    SoftBank Pepper
  • Nao robot

    Robotic resources

    Nao robot
  • Baxter

    Robotic resources

  • Giraff robot

    Robotic resources

    Giraff robot
  • Scitos G5

    Robotic resources

    Scitos G5
  • Robot Bunny

    Robotic resources

    Robot Bunny
  • Robot Arm playing chess

    Robotic resources

    Robot Arm playing chess
  • FIRA 2011 - humanoid robots

    Robotic resources

    FIRA 2011 - humanoid robots
  • Clothes sorting robot

    Robotic resources

    Clothes sorting robot
  • Sony AIBO robots

    Robotic resources

    Sony AIBO robots
  • ButlerBot - robot designed to serve drinks

    Robotic resources

    ButlerBot - robot designed to serve drinks
  • The GummiArm

    Robotic resources

    The GummiArm
  • Plymouth OWL

    Robotic resources

    Plymouth OWL

UK Robotics Week with the University of Plymouth

The University celebrates Robotics Week every year with an open event that showcases our latest robotics research.

The event is organised by the Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems (CRNS).

Event photography and video
Please be aware that some of the University of Plymouth's public events may be attended by University photographers and videographers, for capturing content to be used in University online and offline marketing and promotional materials, for example webpages, brochures or leaflets. If for whatever reason, you or a member of your group, do not wish to be photographed, please make yourself known to staff working at the event on arrival or to the photographer.